2018-19 School Year–Week Twenty-Seven

We have one week of school left before our spring break, and I’m feeling a little burned out, so I’m going to hit the bare minimum as far as highlights of this week’s work.

Turkey and Bunny graphed parabolas in math. They read about the Vikings and the early kingdoms of England in history. Ladybug learned about different breeds of horses in science. She also learned about medieval west African kingdoms (Ghana, Mali, and Songhai). Chickadee moved on from just counting money to adding it. She continued to try to read everything she encountered…and was successful a lot of the time! We didn’t get to play tennis this week, because the weather was just too gross…maybe next week.

We just have to make it through five more days of school, and then we can take a break…and if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even have some spring weather to go with it!

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