The Markel Opening Day Foodstravaganza

My husband created an awesome new family tradition. Read on (make sure to click the link to get full details and photos!) to see how we plan on spending future Cardinals Opening Days, unless, of course, we’re lucky enough to actually spend one at the ballpark someday!

“The Cards blew it on Opening Day, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great time, and I think we’ve just established a new tradition here at the Markel household. There’s no possible way I was going to be able to get tickets for all six of us to go, so we had to be creative and figure out a way to have some fun while staying home during the game.

The first step is to act like a real St. Louisan and immerse yourself in the game and the festivities which surround it as early in the day as possible. This means turning on the news, because every TV stations’ news crews here were all down at the ballpark where they belong. If you want to do something heinous in St. Louis and escape media attention, Opening Day is a pretty good choice in terms of timing. A good high speed chase or even a political scandal would be a good choice.”

via The Markel Opening Day Foodstravaganza | Ryan Markel.