Trailway Motel

I found some local vintage road signs that I didn’t even know existed on St. Clair Avenue in the Fairview Heights area! The first one (and my personal favorite) is the Trailway Motel.

Facebook Friday

Fredbird finally had a “Facebook Friday” appearance in the Metro East, at a place (Fantasy Books and Games in Fairview Heights), and time that worked for me, so of course I took the children (minus Moose, unfortunately, who was still in school), to see him!

There’s nothing like watching Fredbird put on a show…unless it’s getting a free pair of field-level tickets to see the Cardinals play the Cubs next month! And since Moose missed out on seeing Fredbird, we decided that he should go. None of us have seen the Cards play the Cubs at Busch Stadium, so it should be a fun game!