Advent 2020–Day Four

Today was exciting, because not only did Ladybug start working on the second bag of the Diagon Alley build, she got to add Mr. Ollivander himself to the set!

It’s already starting to look like something…I can’t wait to see what the next steps of the build add to the set!

Advent 2020–Day Two

Tonight Bunny added what is going to be the display for the front window of Scribbulus to Diagon Alley.

I peeked ahead, and there’s a cute little mini build coming up tomorrow!

Advent 2020–Day One

We had so much fun building the Lego Hogwarts Castle throughout Advent last year that I knew I wanted to repeat a Lego project this year. So way back in February, I bought the Lego Millennium Falcon (the big one!), not only as an Advent activity for 2020, but also as a way to build anticipation for the trip to Disney World, and especially Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, that we had planned for summer 2021.

Well, you know what they say…man plans, and God laughs. He may not be laughing, but our plans…well, they went the way of COVID-19. We’re still hoping to take that trip, but it won’t be next summer. So, as a family, we decided to hold on to the Millennium Falcon until the Advent before our trip (whenever that may be), and this year, we’re going to build the Diagon Alley set I impulse bought when it came out this summer.

Instead of dividing the builds up by bag number (this time, there are less bags than there are days of Advent), we’re going to start by building about 15 steps a day. The first instruction book coincides with the first of four buildings on the street, which houses Ollivanders and Scribbulus, and tonight, Turkey built the floor and the first shelf.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this set comes together!

The Twenty-Fourth Day of Advent

And just like that, Advent 2019 has come to an end!

The Fab Five had only one bag of pieces to add to Lego Hogwarts Castle today…#37:

There really weren’t too many details added since Saturday…mainly some more stained glass, and the roof and tower pieces:

Turkey joined the two parts of the set together, and even though we knew what they looked like separately, I think we were all shocked by how immense (not to mention beautiful!) the entire set is!

It was quite a project, and I think a fun one!

I finished off Advent with a Prosecco from Italy:

And of course I wore my standard Christmas Eve brooch:

Merry Christmas!

The Twenty-Third Day of Advent

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Here we are at the penultimate day of Advent already! Bag 36 of Lego Hogwarts Castle included pieces for the roof…tomorrow, it’s just finishing touches, and then the whole thing will be put together!

Tonight’s wine was a Cabernet Sauvignon from ChilĂ©, which I enjoyed.

Since I have worn each of my brooches at least twice this Advent, Bunny let me borrow her newest brooch from Erstwilder’s current Christmas collection today…wasn’t that thoughtful of her, and isn’t it adorable?

I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

The Twenty-Second Day of Advent

The start of the fourth week of Advent (can you believe how fast it’s gone by?!?), included bags 34 and 35 for Lego Hogwarts Castle:

Tonight’s wine was a Shiraz from Australia:

And I wore my Erstwilder Holly brooch today:

The Twenty-First Day of Advent

Today the Fab Five completed bags 31-33 of Lego Hogwarts Castle…there are only four left!!!

Here’s a look at my favorite details built during the third week of Advent:

Tonight’s wine was a Chardonnay from Argentina:

Since it’s the first day of winter, I went with a penguin brooch: