Advent 2022–Day Thirteen

Turkey finished the part of the castle wall that Bunny began yesterday and attached it…it has a pretty cool turret element now!

Advent 2022–Day Eleven

Today Chickadee finished the wall of the Lego Disney Castle that Ladybug started yesterday, and attached it to the set (with a little help from Turkey).


Happy Nikolaustag!

We started the day as we start every St. Nick’s Day…with stockings. The children always receive a new ornament, and this year, the ornaments came from our trip to Disney World. I had such a fun time picking them out at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square back in June!

We always decorate the tree on December 6th…in addition to our Mickey Ears ornaments (and the final installation of the “12 Days of Christmas”), we also added an ornament made from marble from the steps of the US Capitol that we picked up when we toured the building over the summer:

For dinner, as I did last year, I made Döner Kebab. One more year, and it will be a full-fledged tradition!

For dessert, I stuck with the Disney theme and made Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes with Orange-Vanilla Sauce from a recipe on the Disney Parks Blog:

We always have wassail on Nikolaustag, too:

Now I feel like the Christmas season has really begun!

Advent 2022–Day Ten

Today Ladybug started working on a section of wall for the Lego Disney Castle, which has some really cool shields on the inside. More importantly, though…she built Minnie Mouse!

Advent 2022–Day Nine

Today’s addition to the Lego Disney Castle was all about the little details. Bunny built a pair of suits of armor (that I think are really cool!), a vase, an archery setup that Merida clearly left behind, and a grandfather clock. She also added a bit more to the ceiling/floor.

Advent 2022–Day Eight

Today Chickadee added some more arches, plus some ceiling panels and a really cool chandelier, to the Lego Disney Castle:

I’ve peeked at tomorrow’s build, and there are some really fun details about to be added!

Advent 2022–Day Seven

Here we are, already at the final day of the first week of Advent! Moose added some cool arches to the Lego Disney Castle:

Here’s a look at some of my favorite details that have been added during the week:

And a look at the whole set so far:

I can’t wait to see what (and who!) gets added next!

Advent 2022–Day Six

Today Turkey finished the grand entrance to the Lego Disney Castle…it’s really starting to look like something now!