Chickadee Thursday

I’ve really relaxed my rules on screen time lately, which I’m sure makes me a horrible mother in the eyes of some, but it makes me happy to see my children enjoying playing games like Minecraft or Animal Crossing: New Horizons together, and let’s face it, there’s not a whole heck of a lot else going on right now!

The Teenage Trio

Moose has been wanting me to take a picture of our family’s “teenage trio” (as he’s been calling himself, Turkey, and Bunny) since…well, since he became a teenager on his birthday a year ago! I finally got around to it today, and it’s a good thing, too, because in less than six months, we’re going to be upgrading to a teenage quartet!


Today is Moose’s 14th birthday! We started the day with gifts (of course!):

He spent most of his day assembling Lego sets and playing the new video game his siblings gave him…it’s the perfect birthday for Moose! He was especially excited to build in front of the Christmas tree, which I made sure was up in time for his birthday…that was really important to him, and it makes the rest of us happy, too!

He wanted a chocolate cake decorated with Star Wars light sabers. I’m not terribly happy with how it turned out, but he liked it, and I guess that’s all that really matters:

This birthday was extra special, because for the first (and only) time, he has a five-day weekend because of the way teacher conferences and Veterans’ Day landed on the school schedule. I’m really enjoying spending his long weekend with him!

A Glimpse of High School

Last Friday, we did the Friday Night Lights thing at the local high school, which, if you know us, might seem out-of-character for our family.

We were there for a specific reason, though…Moose had the opportunity to play with the high school marching band before the game!

I’m really excited that he got to see what it’s like to play with a group that big, and he seemed to enjoy the experience!

I guess if he ends up playing in the marching band next year, football might become a more regular part of my life…I’ll probably survive!

The Return of Choir

The children are always excited about the first Sunday they get to sing after a long summer break, and yesterday was that Sunday! This year we still have only two choristers in the children’s choir (Chickadee isn’t quite ready for the kind of commitment), but both Moose and Ladybug were excited to be back, and it was nice to get a picture of the two of them wearing their new medals in the renovated sanctuary for the first time:

I recorded one of their pieces, and it was an excellent choice, because not only do you get hear the new organ playing along with the choir singing, you also get to hear the choristers playing handbells!

It’s a small group this year (only five members), but if the first Sunday was any indication, it’s still going to be a great year of music!

Student of the Month

Today was a very exciting day!

Actually, the excitement started on September 5, when Moose brought home a letter from school, letting us know that the teachers at his school unanimously selected him as “student of the month” for his academic work and respectful demeanor. They even put a sign in our lawn for everybody to see!

I cannot tell you how proud I am. He works so hard, even when things aren’t easy for him. And I am thrilled that his hard work, not to mention his attitude, have been noticed by his teachers. Tonight he got to be recognized in front of the school board with the other “student of the month” winners from the various schools in the district.

I’m so happy we were all able to be with him tonight to recognize his achievements!!!

My Students

The Fab Five are all ready for a new school year…Turkey and Bunny are in 11th grade, Moose starts eighth grade tomorrow, Ladybug is in seventh, and Chickadee is a second grader!

Chickadee Thursday

Last summer, Chickadee, Moose, and I rode the MetroLink from one end of the red line (Shiloh-Scott) to the other (Lambert Airport). This summer, Moose decided we needed to do the same for the blue line, so this morning, we hopped on a train in Fairview Heights and rode all the way to Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 and back again!

Chickadee had to ride standing up for part of the trip, because that makes it even more fun!

I think MetroLink is going to need to add a new line so we can do this again someday!

Kantorei Kamp Week 2019

This week was Kantorei Kamp week at Hope Lutheran Church in St. Louis! This time, only Ladybug and Moose were at camp, so Turkey, Bunny, Chickadee, and I had some adventures while they were making music. On Monday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo for a nice walk before it started raining (again), and then went for a treat at Ted Drewes, since the choristers went on an ice cream walk that day:

On Tuesday, we visited the Missouri Botanical Garden, and then joined the choristers for a swim at the YMCA:

We spent the day Wednesday with the choristers, first for their performance at Laclede Groves, and then to take in a performance of The Marriage of Figaro at the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. It was the first time the Fab Five and I had ever seen an opera!

Today we went to the Butterfly House, and then back to Hope for an evening recital of vocal, instrumental, and handbell music!

Oh, the Fab Five and I also had a pizza picnic at Tower Grove Park for dinner:

Here’s a look at several of the pieces the choristers presented this year:

The choir not only has talented singers, but talented musicians, as well, and they joined together for a special arrangement of “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.”

They also did two just-for-fun pieces, which were very popular!

And just like that, another year of Kantorei Kamp is done. We’ve very blessed to be able to have our children be part of such great musical instruction!