Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee really enjoyed the Origami in the Garden exhibition at the Missouri Botanical Garden…she especially liked these buffalo!

She also enjoyed sketching some of the installations:

I think we’re all looking forward to visiting the Garden and this exhibition again!

Confirmation Day in the Time of COVID-19

Of all the thing that have been different in this last year, I think perhaps today, Chickadee’s Confirmation Day, was the most bittersweet. Everything about this process has been just weird. She had a full year of catechesis, not in person like she began it, but through Zoom meetings. She did a great job, but like so many other things, it just wasn’t the same. And her confirmation wasn’t the same either, because it was at a different church, (the church we’ve been attending since July, and the church we’ll soon be joining as members), and on a different day…usually, Confirmation Day is on Palm Sunday. It was nice that the church was already decorated for it, though:

We were fortunate to have her godfather as well as pastors from both our old and new churches at the private service this morning (another weird thing, since this service is designed to be a public confirmation of faith), which meant a lot to us.

She (and only she, because COVID-19), was able to receive her first communion from a beautiful, historic chalice. (She was also introduced to some other cool church traditions while we were there!)

And we finally got to take a family picture for the first time in I can’t remember how long!

We didn’t get to have a party, but she did still receive some gifts, including a study Bible:

And even though we weren’t expecting a crowd, I made our traditional Confirmation Day punch (a half batch), and ordered a cake from Dierbergs (but just a quarter sheet), as is our custom:

Normally, we probably would have gone out to dinner at Reb Robin, so Chickadee asked me to make burgers as a stand-in. I even found Reb Robin brand fries, and dusted them with extra Red Robin seasoning!

In the end, because it was so unusual, I think this day will be extra memorable, even though it certainly wasn’t what we were planning or expecting!

Chickadee Thursday

This has been a big week for Chickadee. In addition to her birthday on Monday, she finished catechesis on Tuesday. I can’t believe she had a full year of doing catechesis through Zoom!

The excitement isn’t over yet…she’s being confirmed on Saturday!


Today is Chickadee’s ninth birthday! First things first…presents! She received some outfits for one of her American Girl dolls, a Lego set from her siblings, and a bunch of new clothes…when you’re the youngest of three girls, getting previously unworn clothes is A Big Deal! There was even an outfit change partway through the day!

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast, she requested chocolate waffles. She is the first one of the Fab Five to ask me to actually make something for breakfast instead of getting store-bought cinnamon rolls or Toaster Strudel or something similar. I did cheat a little, and made them last night so they just needed a quick reheat in the waffle iron this morning.

Since we’re still not eating out because of COVID-19, I had her pick something she wanted me to make for dinner. She asked for breakfast again…this time, breakfast casserole and smoothies:

As she often does, she chose an elephant cake for dessert:

This evening, I visited her island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and gave her one of the few yellow dresses she didn’t already own as a gift. I also love the birthday shades she got in the game!

It was a rather low-key birthday for the second year in a row…we didn’t go anywhere or have any visitors. We did watch some of her favorite movies, though, and she introduced me to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which I actually liked quite a lot. We had a very fun day celebrating Chickadee!

(Throwback) Chickadee Thursday

Today is Turkey’s 18th birthday, and I can’t help remember back to when he was Chickadee’s age almost nine years ago when I look at the two of them today!

How the years have flown by!