Chickadee Thursday

After being probably the only people in the St. Louis area who hadn’t seen it, Chickadee and I ran into Tally, the inventory robot, at two different Schnucks in the last week!

Chickadee Thursday

We’re stuck inside (yet another ice day), so this week’s picture is from earlier in the week, when we stopped at Schnucks.

They’re remodeling what used to be a Shop ‘N’ Save location to look more like a Schnucks store, and Chickadee has been begging to take a picture with this standee for the last several weeks. I’m glad I finally got a shot, because there’s certainly not much going on at home today!

Retro Schnucks Sign

I really have no idea how old this Cahokia Schnucks sign actually is (the store itself appears to be an old Kroger, so old enough, I suppose), but it feels retro to me, maybe because it’s a cube. I also think the Schnucks soldier probably has something to do with it…while you see him on their trucks and in their advertising, he doesn’t appear on store signs too often!

Update: The good people at Schnucks were kind enough to give me a little background on the store location and sign. I was correct that it was originally a Kroger store, which opened in 1982, and was purchased by Schnucks in 1986. They inserted the Schnucks soldier logo (which debuted way back in 1968 as part of their “Revolutionary Low Prices” campaign), into the original store sign at that point.

Chickadee Thursday

This morning I stopped at SchnucksĀ to pick up a few things for Christmas. I was not expecting to run into Anna from Frozen while I was there. Of course I had to run back home and get Chickadee, so she could meet her, too. I loved seeing her face light up when we found her in the store! Chickadee was especially tickled when Anna told her that when she got home, she had to give Sven a bath, or he’d ruin their Christmas party!