Sartorial Saturday–Duotone, Part Two

Last year, I was really excited when Splendette came out with a collection of duotone bangles in duchess sizes. The color combinations were amazing, and I couldn’t wait to wear them. I didn’t think it would be possible to like another collection even more, but this year’s duotone range is even more gorgeous, and I’ve already found several different ways to wear the pieces I purchased!

I already have another pairing in mind for some of these bangles, and I can’t wait to try it out!

2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty-Nine

Hymn of the Week–“At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing” (Lutheran Service Book #633)

The reality of just how close we are to the end of the school year is starting to hit me!

Turkey and Bunny did integrations using an integral table in calculus…I think we’re all going to be glad to be done with that class! We discussed unionization in our study of US geography and culture. They started the last unit in their psychology course. We finished the chapter on the digestive system…not some of my best work as a teacher, because even I got the giggles when we had to talk about flatus.

Ladybug did work and investment problems in algebra. She got to the part in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where Tom and Becky get lost in the cave. In science, she learned about the eye’s structure and how it works. She and Chickadee learned about the USSR as well as terrorist groups like the PLO and the IRA in history.

Chickadee practiced more division in math. She learned all about bees in science. We finally finished the list of prepositions in grammar. We’re also almost done reading The Boxcar Children. She is finished with copywork in writing, and instead has two dictation assignments a week.

We may actually get to do a few fun things outside of the house (but still outside) in the next few weeks…I hope the weather cooperates!

Tasty Tuesday–Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

If you’ve never had a Chicago-style hot dog, you’re really missing out!

What makes a Chicago dog so special? It’s an all-beef hot dog topped with mustard, white onions, a pickle spear, sliced tomatoes, sport peppers, neon relish, and celery salt (in other words, you “drag it through the garden”), and served on a poppy seed bun (which are hard to find around here, so I had to settle for plain old hot dog buns this time). The most important step? Never, ever put ketchup on your hot dog! I’m not a huge fan of regular hot dogs, but there’s something really fantastic about the flavors of the Chicago dog…I’m very thankful I can usually find most of the ingredients locally!

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

I have never before understood the phrase “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” like I did this morning upon receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, but now I’m having a major moment.

Cherry Blossom Season

I really love the cherry blossom event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I still don’t like how they handle obtaining the recipes for the special furniture (I’m tired of hunting down balloons!), but I love the pink trees, floating blossoms, and of course the elusive special furniture items. While I didn’t get every recipe for every item, between everyone in the house that plays the game and myself I was able to get all of the items I wanted for my cherry blossom viewing area, including the pond stone, lantern, bonsai, and branches:

This has been one of my favorite events in the game, and I felt less pressure the second time around because I knew what to expect (and what not to get my hopes up about!), which made it even more fun!

Sartorial Saturday–Inspired by Royalty

Time for a look at my newest Miss Candyfloss dress, the Fianna-Kat, one I was inspired to purchase because the cut of the dress (and especially the diamond narrow shaped neckline) is almost identical to one Queen Elizabeth II wore on a tour of Australia in 1954…the amazing color is a nice bonus, though, don’t you think?

I love how many options I have for accessorizing this gorgeous dress…I’m especially loving purple with it!

I feel regal when I wear it! And for further proof of how magical it really is, Miss Candyfloss picked me as one of their “Girls of April” when I shared a picture of me in it on Instagram!

This is my third Miss Candyfloss dress, and I’m super impressed with the construction and fit of all three…I can’t wait to add more pieces to my wardrobe!

2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty-Eight

Hymn of the Week–“Awake, My Heart, with Gladness” (Lutheran Service Book #467)

I’m not entirely sure why we even bothered to have school this week…it’s always hard to come back after a break, but I feel like we didn’t accomplish much of anything this week!

Turkey and Bunny worked with inverse trigonometric functions in calculus. They finished reading Fahrenheit 451. For their next literature assignment, I assigned them each a different book to read that reflects their own interests…Turkey is reading Paradise Lost, and Bunny is reading Wuthering Heights. I did this one other time this year, when Turkey read The Screwtape Letters and Bunny read Murder on the Orient Express…except they both finished their assignments before the school year even began! They started a chapter on the digestive system in advanced biology.

Ladybug learned how to calculate exponential growth and decay in algebra. She and Chickadee learned about the assassination of JFK and the Civil Rights Movements in history. She read more about light waves in science, and now knows why the sky looks blue and why sunsets can be so beautiful.

Chickadee worked on subtracting fractions in math. She started a chapter on social insects (ants, bees, and termites) in science. We continued reading The Boxcar Children. She finished the last of the Explode the Code series of workbooks!

We also started a few nature-based projects in the last week. Chickadee and I set up a hummingbird feeder…I thought it would be fun to try to attract some birds so she could observe them since she’s studying flying creatures in science. Moose also has a science project for his biology class that we’re all enjoying…he studying the effects of different amounts of water on grass. So far, the experiment is going exactly the way we expected it to!

I hope we get more accomplished next week, but three of us are scheduled to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, so we’ll see how we all feel…