Quote of the Day

Family might be the people who remember your past, but they’re also the ones riding with you to the future, and wherever we’re going, the only way to get there is forward. Sophie Grace as Kristy Thomas in The Babysitter’s Club

2021-22 School Year–Week Nine

This week has felt really busy!

Ladybug learned about the Christian Scientists and Scientology in her study of comparative religions this week. She calculated the area of different shapes in geometry. In astronomy, she read about wavelength and frequency. Her new biology chapter is about cells. She started adding direct objects to her sentence diagrams. We have made it to the part of Little Women where we want to put the book in the freezer, because Beth is really sick. We also did a lot of cooking from The Little Women Cookbook this week. We made apple turnovers for dessert one night, and Jo’s much-improved corned beef for a dinner. We also made a trio of recipes for lunch…roast beef picnic sandwiches, Jo’s shellfish relish, and cheese, butter, and celery sandwiches.

Chickadee made it to the end of the Israelites’ time in the desert in religion, and started the time of the Judges. She started making factor trees in math. She learned about the different species of sea turtles in science. She started identifying the complete predicate in a sentence in grammar. In geography, we visited Argentina, and made Argentine butter cookies and Dulche de Leche…Chickadee thought it was hilarious that we literally cooked a can!

I’m hoping that next week, we’ll get to go pumpkin picking!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee recently used some of her allowance to buy a Sqoosh2Poof elephant, and he’s been her companion all over the house, which is no small feat given how huge he is! He’s an especially good math buddy in the early morning:

2021-22 School Year–Week Eight

I can’t believe we’ve already completed eight weeks of school!

Ladybug reviewed finding the perimeter of different shapes in geometry. She finished the chapter on ecology in science. In history, she read about the fall of Sumer. Our theme for recipes from The Little Women Cookbook this week was desserts…Parisian cream puffs, apple slump, and Meg’s “plum” pudding with a delightful orange caramel sauce:

Chickadee started solving equations with parentheses in math. She added direct objects to her sentence diagrams in grammar. We started reading about sea turtles in science. We visited Central and South American in Another Trip Around the World. We made both beef empanadas and dessert empanadas filled with blackberry preserves when we learned about Panama, and Pan de Jamón when we read about Venezuela.

It looks like next week we’re going to have some real fall weather, and I can’t wait!