Advent 2021–Day Five

Today Chickaee (with an assist from Ladybug) starting bag four of the Lego Millennium Falcon. They added Han and Leia (I love her snowsuit!) and some more interior details:

Every little bit helps it take shape:

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee has been busy since Thanksgiving! She got the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine:

And she added Christmas colors to her braces…next month, she gets to have brackets placed on her bottom teeth, too!

I’m looking forward to more fun and excitement in the coming weeks!

Advent 2021–Day Four

Moose finished the instructions for bag three of the Lego Millennium Falcon. There wasn’t a lot to build, but he did add a seat for a gunner and some nice texturing:

Not too much size difference this time:

I can’t wait to see what bag four contains!

Advent 2021–Day Three

Today Ladybug got to add the first crew members to the Millennium Falcon (including, unbelievably, the first-ever C-3PO in any of the Lego Star Wars sets any of us have ever built!), as well as a recognizable spot on the ship:

Even after just two-and-a-half bags complete, the set is pretty big already!

Advent 2021–Day One

We have been waiting for this year’s Advent Lego project for a long time!

Almost two years ago now, I purchased a set that everyone in the family dreamed of building, but no one person could afford…the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon. The plan was to build it last Advent, in advance of the big trip to Orlando, and especially Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney, that we were supposed to take this summer.

Of course, COVID-19 happened, and we quickly realized that we would need to postpone our trip to (God willing) summer 2022. So I offered the children the option of building the Falcon anyway, or building another set I had on hand and saving the Star Wars set for the Advent before our vacation as planned. They chose the latter, and so the GINORMOUS box for this set became a fixture in our den while we (kind of) patiently waited to build it. Seriously…it could play the part of an end table it’s so huge!

Today Turkey got started on the build. He took care of bag one of seventeen. I know seventeen bags doesn’t sound like enough for 27 days of Advent, but this set has over 7,500 pieces, making it one of the largest Lego sets created, so one bag is more than enough for one day…we’ll be splitting many of the upcoming bags in half, and that will still be plenty of building for a day! He took care of the base of the frame, and looking at it right now, you wouldn’t necessarily have any idea what the completed set will even be! Also, check out the enormous, spiral-bound instruction book…that’s definitely something new!

I’m very excited about this set, because of what it represents: a dream that had to be postponed that will hopefully be all the sweeter for the wait!

Sartorial Saturday–An Australian Hello Kitty Christmas

This year, Erstwilder surprised me with not just one, but two Christmas brooch launches!

The first, and biggest, collection highlights an Australian Christmas. There are familiar pieces, like the wreath I bought, and some that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere might consider a little more unusual, like koalas (my youngest purchased on of those).

I wasn’t even planning on getting two brooches from that collection, but Ryan went ahead and ordered the Volkswagen Kombi “Seasonal Delivery” piece that I couldn’t quite decide on so I wouldn’t miss out. And then Erstwilder announced a small, four-piece collection of Christmas Hello Kitty brooches to round out the three-part Hello Kitty collaboration they did this year. I tried to resist…really I did. But I had a coupon for one of their US stockists, so I added one more piece to my Christmas brooch collection.

I’m looking forward to wearing all of my Christmas brooches this season!

Thanksgiving 2021

Time for a look at our annual three-day-long Thanksgiving celebration, beginning with a beautiful sunrise on Wednesday morning, which gave me encouragement to bake nine pies, prep two different kinds of stuffing, and make the cranberry sauce.

On Thanksgiving Day, we had fun watching the Macy’s Parade and playing Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo, picking our favorite dogs at the National Dog Show, and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Of course, there was dinner to attend to, as well. I thought the table looked extra pretty this year…maybe that’s because we had guests to set it for!

The menu was a mix of old and new. I made our traditional stuffing to go with the turkey, but also a new recipe for everything bagel stuffing. I also tried a new roasted winter vegetable dish to go alongside our usual green beans with almonds. Of course we also had mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, and cranberry sauce:

It made a very pretty plate!

For dessert, all of the pies. Sadly, the pie I was most looking forward to trying, cranberry custard, didn’t set right, so even though it looked pretty, it didn’t come out right at all. I guess that’s the risk you run when you try a new recipe on a holiday!

This morning started with one of our favorite traditions of pie for breakfast.

I was very happy to get to go see Moose march in our town’s Santa Parade for the first time since 2019, and for the first time with the high school marching band! We honestly weren’t planning on staying for the whole thing since his group was near the beginning, but it was fun as well as short, so we ended up seeing it all!

I enjoyed having a place to wear one of my new Erstwilder Christmas brooches:

Turkey sandwiches for lunch are another great thing about the day after Thanksgiving!

And more pie:

We built the annual addition to our Lego winter village:

And had turkey soup for dinner:

After dinner, some of us went back downtown for the tree lighting and community sing:

And more pie for dessert when we got back home:

There you have it. It was a mostly normal holiday, and it was good to do things that felt familiar again!