Quote of the Day

This quote seems especially appropriate at the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 putting life on hold for so many:

“You know what they say here? ‘Live for now, for there may be no tomorrow.’ Not for me. I’ve got to live for tomorrow, because for me there’s no now.” Mike Farrell as B.J. Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H

It’s the Little Things

You know, if there’s anything that the last year of pandemic living has taught me, it’s to appreciate the little things in life.

One of the greatest thrills I’ve had over the last 12 months is whenever a parcel is dropped off at our house by any delivery service. It doesn’t matter if it’s something fun that I ordered, like a new dress, (I will confess to having ordered more clothes than I probably ought to have, especially when you consider the fact I currently don’t really have anywhere to go), or something mundane like dishwasher detergent (I think part of the reason I order household staples like that instead of buying them at the store is so that the doorbell will ring when the package is delivered!). I get so excited when I hear a truck pull up in front of the house and a box hit the porch.

I am so thankful for all of the people who have worked so faithfully to deliver necessary as well as unneeded but desperately wanted items to people all over the country, even all over the world. There’s no way they can know just how much joy their deliveries have brought me whenever they broke up the monotony of another day of isolation, social distancing, and complete boredom, but I know how much I appreciate the work they have done!

2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

Hymn of the Week–“In Silent Pain the Eternal Son” (Lutheran Service Book #432)

I’m so glad it’s finally March! At least I think I am…it is hard to think about the fact that we’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for a whole year, so that does put a damper on things a bit.

Turkey and Bunny learned integration formulas in calculus. They finished reading A Farewell to Arms. We started discussing what is probably the most controversial book in our list for this year: A People’s History of the United States. They learned about blood typing in advanced biology.

Ladybug did word problems focusing on concentrations in solutions in algebra. In history, she and Chickadee learned about the beginning of apartheid in South Africa, and Mao and the Chinese Communist Party. She reviewed all of the topoi she’s learned in writing.

Chickadee began learning some basic geometry terms in math. We continued to add to her list of prepositions in grammar. We finished learning about the different sections of an insect’s body in science, focusing on the thorax and abdomen.

I’m already looking forward to our spring break at the end of the month!

Chickadee Thursday

Today, instead of a picture, I’m going to share a funny Chickadee story!

We were watching The Simpsons earlier in the week, and in one episode, Mr. Burns was dressed in such a way that he looked a lot like Colonel Sanders. I commented on this, and Chickadee responded with, “He also kind of looks like the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy!”

She knows now (after much giggling by her family), that they are in fact the same person!

Quote of the Day

“You know, Sis, it doesn’t matter whether you feel useful or not, when you’re moving from one disaster to another. The trick, I guess, is to just keep moving.” William Christopher as Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H

Sartorial Saturday–Unicorns and Pegasus

Anyone else feeling a bit whimsical?

I love this new print designed by Hope Morrison for Pinup Girl Clothing. The Unicorns and Pegasi bring just the right amount of whimsy, and the bright colors against the black background of the skirt make it so easy to accessorize. This time, I went with a bright Yemak cropped cardigan and stack of Splendette duchess bangles, but black gloves, belt, and Erstwilder brooch.

It’s the perfect outfit for transitioning to spring!

Ladybug also loves this print, and purchased the Ella dress, a style I’ve never worn, but she really likes.

Pinup Girl is also going to be offering a peasant top in this lovely shade of mint, and I’m really looking forward to getting it to wear instead of this Sabrina top as it gets warmer!

2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty-Three

Hymn of the Week–“O Sacred Head, Now Wounded” (Lutheran Service Book #449-450)

We made it to the end of February!

This was kind of a chaotic week…I think I had more appointments this week than I have had any other week since the pandemic began! So of course, school was kind of chaotic, too.

Turkey and Bunny were introduced to antiderivatives in calculus. They started reading A Farewell to Arms. We wrapped up our study of the unique geographic areas in the US. They finished the chapter on the endocrine system in advanced biology…it was surprisingly short!

Ladybug learned how to use the discriminant in algebra. She also graphed parabolas. She and Chickadee read about the partitioning of India and Palestine in history. She also finished a chapter in science. We discussed voting rights in her study of the US Constitution.

Chickadee started division problems with remainders in math. We continued reading Charlotte’s Web, and got to Charlotte’s first message. She learned about exoskeletons while she studied insects in science. Her writing assignments focused on passages from Little Women, one of our favorite books.

I’m looking forward to March!