Tasty Tuesday–The Fifth Disney (Breakfast for) Dinner

For our fifth Disney Dinner, I turned to a family favorite…breakfast-for-dinner. I chose recipes from the Frozen “Winter Wonderland Holiday Brunch” in Entertaining with Disney to create the menu, starting with Elsa’s eggnog, which was a punch made by mixing my homemade eggnog with 7-Up and vanilla ice cream:

The main course was Anna’s ham, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches:

I kept dessert simple…strawberry frozen hearts:

This dinner was really fun, and I love any excuse to make breakfast in the evening!

Gone to the Dogs

On past trips to Chicago, we’ve seen a few “K-9s for Cops” art installations around the city…this time, we saw a few more in a place we had never previously been!

I love finding cool public art installations!

Sartorial Saturday–Beach Ready

I have shared a lot of different looks over the years, but today I’m sharing something way outside of my comfort zone…a look at my new swimsuit from Swimsuits for All.

This is a huge first for me, because not only have I never shared pictures of myself in a swimsuit before, I’ve never even allowed myself to be photographed in a swimsuit. But I’m doing it now because it’s real, and because I want to encourage others to be comfortable with who they are, no matter what anyone else says about it. Plus, I really like my new swimsuit, even though it was hard to say goodbye to the old one!

I kept the accessories simple, in black, red, and white (enter sunburned zebra jokes)…of course, poolside, I won’t be bothering with accessories beyond sunglasses, if I even remember those!

I love the retro feel of the suit!

I’m looking forward to making many happy summer memories at the pool in this swimsuit!

What We’re Reading–All About Disney!

This year’s summer school is going to be exceptionally fun, because we’re learning all about Disney! Walt Disney, Disney World, Disney animation/animators (including my favorite, Mary Blair), and Disney movies/characters. We’ll be reading books, watching movies, building an iconic Lego set, cooking, coloring, playing games, and doing crafts. Oh, and taking the biggest field trip of them all…a trip to Disney World! Here’s a look at our (mostly) book list, with a few fun extras thrown in:

  • Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World
  • A Portrait of Walt Disney World
  • The Disney Book
  • Disney World at 50
  • One Day at Disney
  • Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks
  • Yesterday’s Tomorrow
  • Ink and Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation
  • Pencils, Pens & Brushes
  • Pocket Full of Colors
  • The Art and Flair of Mary Blair
  • It’s a Small World
  • Who Was Walt Disney?
  • Where is Walt Disney World?
  • Disney Ideas Book
  • Art of Coloring: Walt Disney World
  • Delicious Disney
  • Entertaining with Disney
  • Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters
  • Codenames: Disney Family Edition
  • Lego Mini Disney Castle

We’ve had a lot of fun summer school themes in the past, but I’m pretty sure this will go down as the most fun summer school ever!

Quote of the Day

“Scarlett had never seen Forsyth Park…It caught her unaware, and it took her breath away. A pair of stone sphinxes flanked the entrance…The fountain was two blocks from the entrance, but it was so enormous that it looked very close. Arcs and jets of water lifted and fell like showering diamonds from every direction. Scarlett was spell-bound; she’d never seen anything so spectacular…There was a bright sun that made rainbows in the dancing waters; they flashed, vanished, reappeared with every step Scarlett took. The whitewashed trunks of the trees that lined the path glimmered in the dappled shade from their leaves, leading to the sparkling dazzle of the fountain. When she reached the iron fence that circled the fountain’s basin, she had to tilt her head back to near dizziness to look at the nymph atop its third tier, a statue bigger than she was, the arm held high, grasping a staff that threw a plume of water high, high toward the brilliant blue sky.” Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley