Chickadee Thursday

Today was a very exciting day, because Frozen 2 finally came out in theaters! Chickadee has been waiting for what seems like forever to see this movie, and she could hardly think of any other than going to the theater with her sisters all day!

Bunny made her day a little extra special, with a little Frozen face art:

We really enjoyed the movie, and it was a fun way to spend an evening together!

Burned by Bunny

I can never really tell if Bunny is trolling me on purpose, or if she hears the things she says after she says them, but she burned me well this week, and even I had to admit it was pretty clever.

I was googling where to buy pants for young men, because Turkey was looking for some new styles, and I wasn’t sure where to look that we hadn’t already. I inadvertently typed “where to buy pants for young me,” however, and mentioned it to the children as I was correcting my mistake.

Bunny didn’t miss a beat…she just looked at me and said “You should check the 80s.” We’ll ignore the fact that I’m pretty I’ve been young more recently than the 80s, and appreciate how quick and witty she is! I wish I wasn’t always on the receiving end of her quips, though!!!

The English Woodland Garden–November

We stopped by the Missouri Botanical Garden yesterday to pick up our Garden Glow tickets (I can’t wait!!!), and I also took my photo of the English Woodland Garden for the month. It’s really looking like fall there now, and if you look closely, you can even see the bold color of the beautiful red berries hanging over the stream!

2019-20 School Year–Week Thirteen

Another late recap, because it was another crazy week! My last wrap-up came at the end of a long weekend…or what I thought was the end of a long weekend. As it turned out, we had some snow last Monday, and Moose’s school ended up being cancelled on Tuesday, stretching his long birthday weekend to a full six days! I didn’t want to take another full day off from school here, so I let my students have an independent study day that day, where they could work on current assignments on their own, work ahead on what they could, and catch up on anything they needed to (well, except for Chickadee…I worked with her on a few things, and then she got to watch The Magic School Bus). I think it was a refreshing change to our school day, and I may think about doing it again sometime!

In the end, we only had three standard days of school last week, but we still got a lot done. Turkey and Bunny started working with sum and difference identities in pre-calculus…they weren’t exactly thrilled about that. They finished the chapter on Newton’s Laws in physics. In history, they read about the crusade against the Cathars…they are not fans of Pope Innocent III! They are almost finished with “The Paradiso”…they’re almost to the fixed stars, and have encountered Peter, James, and John.

Ladybug calculated discounts with percents in pre-algebra. We got to read the funniest parts of Anne of Green Gables…both when she hit Gilbert with her slate, and when she unintentionally got Diana drunk. She learned about the internal, external, and bibliographic tests in relation to ancient documents in science. in history, she read about William Penn and the colony he created.

Chickadee continued to practice borrowing when subtracting in math. She learned about pronouns in language arts. In science, she finished up her chapter on the Earth. She’s especially excited about reading some of our Thanksgiving books this week!

I guess things are going to get busier before they slow down, but we’ve got a lot of fun things to look forward to!

Sartorial Saturday–Plaid Pairings

Here’s a look back at all of the unique ways I’ve styled my black and purple plaid Long Jun skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing. I love how versatile it is!

Chickadee Thursday

It’s a lovely fall day today!

But just three days ago, it felt more like winter, and Chickadee was excited to make a snow angel in the first snowfall of the season!

How quickly the weather changes in the midwest…for all I know, next week, she’ll be wearing shorts!

Unexpected in November

I mentioned that Moose was very excited about the five-day weekend he got to have surrounding his birthday. Well, the five-day weekend turned into a six-day weekend, thanks to what I think may be the earliest snow day he’s ever had! And when you add in the meteor we saw streak through the sky last night, it has been quite a birthday long weekend!

In all honestly, I think closing the schools was ridiculous. We got maybe two inches of snow, and yes, it was really cold this morning, and there was some ice, but if they’re closing schools this early in the season, I’m kind of concerned about what’s going to happen come January. I will say that it definitely looks pretty, especially since so many of the trees still have their beautiful (and now snow-covered) fall foliage!