Sartorial Saturday–The Ingenue

Every once in a while, you get a second chance on something you missed out on.

The first time this beautiful blue floral Ingenue dress from Vixen by Micheline Pitt was available for pre-order, I wanted to get it, but since I fell directly between sizes, and it was a new dress without reviews about fit, I was reluctant. In the end, all the pre-orders sold out, and I thought that was that, but every time I saw a photo of someone in the dress, I felt like I had missed out on something special. And then a second run of the dress popped up, and after reading the reviews and asking some questions, I decided to just size up and hope for the best.

The fit is great! I probably could have sized down, but I really like being able to take a deep breath and eat, so I’m glad I went a bit larger. Strangely, the part of the dress that is really too big is the belt…even if I use the farthest notch, it’s still not remotely fitted, which is not something I’m used to.

I also ordered this beautiful sun hat in a lovely blush pink color…I love how it looks with this dress, and it really comes off as a neutral, so I know I’ll be able to wear it with lots of other things, too! Of course I also have a great Splendette stack, and my pearl and floral necklace from Talbots is a perfect match!

Isn’t it a lovely look?

I’m so happy to have had a second chance at this dress!

Sartorial Saturday–Vacation Dreams

Last month, I took a look at my Micheline Pitt floral swing skirt, and along with it, the vacation blouse. Today I thought I’d take a look at the blouse in all three colors I own…I may not be able to go on a vacation right now, but I can dream about sightseeing in this gorgeous blouse!

I love this top. The cut is perfect, and the fact that it doesn’t have short (or tight!) sleeves makes me really happy. It’s not too hot to wear, although I do think I’ll enjoy it even more once we have more fall-like weather. And the colors are gorgeous…the saturation is outstanding. All three tops go with the floral print skirt…as well as many other things in my wardrobe. I will definitely be on the lookout for more vacation blouse options in the future, because this top has already become a staple in my wardrobe!

Sartorial Saturday–A Floral Affair

Normally, I prefer nice, stiff cotton skirts. But when I saw this Vixen by Micheline Pitt swing skirt with an original 1950s floral print, I knew I’d have to make an exception. And as long as I was making an exception, I decided to try out the vacation blouse, as well!

Both pieces have a nice weight, and you don’t have to worry about wrinkling thanks to the fabric!

Aren’t the colors fantastic?!?

I accessorized with Splendette Duchess bangles (of course!), and a gingko leaf brooch from the Erstwilder Art Nouveau collection.

This outfit works for now, and I also think it will be great heading into fall!

I’m glad I took a chance on something new!

Sartorial Saturday–Vixen

I’ve already shared my love of the Vixen by Micheline Pitt Troublemaker top…I’m also a huge fan of the appropriately named Vixen top (which has already appeared in an outfit post here)!

Like the Troublemaker, this shirt has a nice weight to it, so even though it’s a knit, it’s also very well structured. The quality and workmanship is just as excellent as that of the Troublemaker, too. My favorite part of the shirt, however silly it might sound, it the collar/neckline. I have never been one to pop my collar, but there’s something about this top that makes me want to do so, and it looks great when I do! I’m not sure that the pictures really do it justice, but I feel really fantastic when I wear it!

I’ve purchased and loved two great shirts by Micheline Pitt. Hopefully, I’ll find a Vixen skirt next…I have thought about the leopard print full skirt…if that ever came out in grey instead of brown, it would be in my closet so fast it would make your head spin!

A Vintage Collaboration

I’ve been wanting to buy something from Unique Vintage, a retro shop on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank just down the road from Pinup Girl Clothing, for a long time. I’m always reluctant to try new brands, however, because even with size charts, I’m never sure how the clothes will actually fit. But when I heard that Unique Vintage was doing a collaboration with Erstwilder, I knew I finally had the perfect excuse!

The collaboration consists of the Beauty Salon swing skirt and the Rollin’ with Katie dress on the Unique Vintage side, and the Rollin’ with Katie brooch (of course!) by Erstwilder. I went for the skirt for several reasons, not the least of which is that I love the print on it. I also find size charts more forgiving when it comes to skirts…dresses involve too many different measurements. Plus, I just really prefer skirts! This one fit just as should according to the size chart, which was a huge relief. It’s nice and full, just as I hoped it would be, and I love all the colors, too! I’m feeling pretty confident about buying more Unique Vintage pieces in the future, now that I know how the sizes run, and how good the quality is. Of course, I knew I’d love the brooch, because I love everything I’ve ever ordered from Erstwilder, and I wasn’t disappointed! Plus, it was nice to buy an item through a U.S. based shop for a change, and not worry about currency conversions and customs.

This is also the debut of my second top from Vixen by Micheline Pitt. I’ll have a full review of it later, but let me just say, it’s just as amazing as the Troublemaker top, and will also be a wardrobe staple for me!


I’ve been following the Vixen by Micheline Pitt Etsy shop pretty much ever since it opened. Obviously, I love retro fashion, and Micheline Pitt’s brand caters to that, with an additional bad-girl edge. As soon as I saw that the pink and white striped Troublemaker top was available for preorder last fall, I knew that was going to be my first purchase, because I had been looking for that exact shirt for months!

The top is amazing. The material has a nice weight to it, and the quality is outstanding. I especially love that the long-sleeves are long enough for me. I don’t know if my arms are exceptionally long, but I find that a lot of “long sleeve” tops fall an inch or two short on me. I also love the color…the pink is the perfect shade to match a lot of the clothes I was hoping it would go with.

You’ll have to wait for my review of the second top I purchased from Vixen, but I already love the brand, and I can’t wait to see what else Micheline Pitt comes up with!

Pink Stripes & Boats

From the moment I purchased my Mary Blair boat print Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing, I hoped I would find the perfect pink and white striped top to go with it. Sure, I had other shirts that paired well with the skirt, including one that gave off a great elf vibe in December. But when I saw this “Troublemaker Top” available for preorder from Vixen by Micheline Pitt, I knew it was a match made in heaven…and I was right!

I also love the way it looks behind my Erstwilder brooch!

Not only is the shirt a perfect match, it’s also really well made. I love the weight of the material, and at this time of year, it’s nice to have another long-sleeve shirt that goes with my Pinup Girl skirts. I’m looking forward to creating more pairings…I have quite a few pieces that will also go well with my new top!