Chickadee Thursday

This has been an exciting week! On Tuesday, Chickadee had her first appointment with the orthodontist and had spacers put it in…next month, she’s going to have a few brackets attached, as well!

And yesterday, we went on a Deer Park Adventure Tour at Grant’s Farm, which was a blast! We went on a private expedition there many years ago, before Chickadee was born, and this was a similar experience, and currently the only tour they’re offering before they reopen the park following COVID-19 restrictions. We were pretty much the only people there besides employees!

It’s going to be hard to top the excitement of this week!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee really enjoyed the Origami in the Garden exhibition at the Missouri Botanical Garden…she especially liked these buffalo!

She also enjoyed sketching some of the installations:

I think we’re all looking forward to visiting the Garden and this exhibition again!

Chickadee Thursday

This has been a big week for Chickadee. In addition to her birthday on Monday, she finished catechesis on Tuesday. I can’t believe she had a full year of doing catechesis through Zoom!

The excitement isn’t over yet…she’s being confirmed on Saturday!

(Throwback) Chickadee Thursday

Today is Turkey’s 18th birthday, and I can’t help remember back to when he was Chickadee’s age almost nine years ago when I look at the two of them today!

How the years have flown by!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee is working on a Hamilton-themed room in Animal Crossing…I love it! (Please also note that she is wearing a Frozen-style dress…it’s like all of her interests collided in this one picture!)

She was very excited that her birthday reward from American Girl was delivered today, too! In less than two weeks, she’ll be as old as Turkey was when she was born!