Mani Monday

Last week’s manicure was lightly Christmas-themed; this week, I’m going all in on red and green! Repeating the lovely green of “Me, My Elf and I,” and adding “Can’t Beet Royalty” on alternate nails.

Mani Monday

For my first Christmas-themed mani of the season, I went with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Me, My Elf and I” (which is an amazing shade of green!) topped with “Sunken Treasure.”

Mani Monday

Here’s a look back at a mani from earlier this fall…Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Spice Age alternating with Game of Chromes…I think it was the perfect combination for the season!

Mani Monday

I’ve been trying to find time to do my mails more often…here’s a look at one of my recent manicures that I really liked. I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Stilettos and Studs, a nice dark grey, topped with a layer of glittery Deep Sea Diamond. The end result made my nails look a bit like a disco ball!

Sartorial Saturday–The Perfect Shade of Red

Would you believe that I’ve never found a shade of red lipstick that I actually like on myself? Until recently, that is! Bésame Cosmetics began offering a “Holiday Red” lipstick and nail polish set prior to Christmas, and I figured if ever there was going to be a red that suited me, it would be a holiday shade!

I wasn’t wrong. This gorgeous bright red lipstick with gold shimmer was inspired by Lite Brite Christmas ornaments from the 50s, and is just perfect for me!

This is also the first time I’ve tried a Bésame nail polish, and I really like it. It wore well, even though I was really busy in the kitchen getting ready for Christmas. And I love the vintage shape of the bottle!

Red lipstick is such an iconic part of a retro look, and I always felt kind of left out…I’m really excited to have finally found a formula of the classic bold shade that makes me feel confident!

Baseball Accessories

The Cardinals 2014 post-season run begins today!

Lately, I’ve been sharing a lot of my favorite fashion accessories, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some of my favorite ways to accessorize my various jerseys (three of them!) and t-shirts while supporting my favorite team. There are so many fun options, from the obvious plethora of hats, to handbags, jewelry and pins, socks, and even nail polish in team colors:

Now all I need is a pair of red Chucks, and I’ll be all set…

Nail Polish

While I occasionally paint the girls’ toenails, I very rarely paint their fingernails, partly because fingernail polish chips so easily and looks bad so fast, partly because I just don’t like to take time for it, and partly because I want it to be a “big girl” privilege. But I promised to paint their nails for Christmas, and I found this pretty silver that I thought would be especially nice. They were very happy with the end result!