Penguin Pajama Party

Over the last few weeks, I’ve put some effort into staying up late just so I could catch my Animal Crossing penguins in their pajamas before bedtime…don’t they all look cute?!?

I also did a photo shoot at Harv’s studio, just so we could have a big pajama party together!

The lazy villagers (Cube and Puck) ended up being pretty easy to catch, because they go to bed earlier…staying up until almost midnight for the others is no small task for me!

Animal Crossing Summer

So this has been a weird summer, right? I don’t know about you, but we didn’t go on any trips, didn’t do any of our normal fun summer activities, and to be honest, we barely left the house. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had a fun summer virtually, though, thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons…I got to do lots of fun summer things in the game!

My animal neighbors threw me a very fun birthday party:

I went swimming in the ocean:

I visited an aquarium with a friend:

I went star gazing:

I had an all-penguin slumber party:

I enjoyed an outdoor workout with some of my animal friends:

I had a picnic on the beach:

I saw a beautiful fireworks display:

I went fishing:

I participated in a fashion show:

I went to an art gallery with a neighbor:

I attended an outdoor concert:

I spent some time in a tea garden:

I visited friends:

And neighbors:

It certainly hasn’t been the summer I planned or even wanted, but I made the best of it, and I had a lot of in-game fun!

Movie Night at Home

We might not be able to see a movie in a theatre right now, but we can participate in tonight’s Hamilton watch party on Disney+ at home! I even picked up some of our favorite movie snacks for the experience.

This is another unusual activity in a very weird summer, but it’s a memory, and a good one at that!

The Perfect Island

Today was a Very Exciting Day…after four-plus months of playing every day, I finally achieved a 5-star rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I have a perfect island!!!

The awards for such a rating, besides my residents’ ovation and fame forever, are a lily-of-the-valley plant and a golden watering can. The flower, in particular, is a prized item to me, because I haven’t achieved a perfect rating in every Animal Crossing game, so when I do finally get one, it’s a Big Deal. I’m so happy my animals like living on Gloriana so much…I’ve put a lot of work into designing it!

Trailway Motel

I found some local vintage road signs that I didn’t even know existed on St. Clair Avenue in the Fairview Heights area! The first one (and my personal favorite) is the Trailway Motel.

Sweet Sixteen

Today is Bunny’s 16th birthday!!! It was our fifth family birthday celebration in the time of COVID-19, and while things are more open in our area, we’re still mostly staying home, so we didn’t have company, we didn’t go to the spa (which had been our original plan when we talked about her birthday months ago), and there was no dinner out, but I think she still had a fun day!

We started with presents, of course:

After opening her gifts, we spent the day watching some of Bunny’s favorite movies: Field of Dreams, Zootopia, Spies in Disguise, The Sandlot, and Hamilton (of course). I made one of her favorites (Stromboli) for dinner, which I hope made up for us not going to a restaurant.

This year’s bunny cake was modeled after Bunnie from Animal Crossing…I think I did a pretty good job, although I wish I had gotten a brighter yellow dye for the frosting.

The one silver lining in the cloud that is COVID-19 is the everyone was home to celebrate Bunny’s birthday with her. Originally, Ryan would have been traveling for work this week, and Turkey and Ladybug would have been at RSCM camp, so she was very happy to have us all together to celebrate her!

Oggy Day

Originally I thought that for Bastille Day today, I’d break out my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and make a fancy dinner. But our Bastille Day celebration took a whimsical turn, when Moose suggested we spend the day watching his favorite cartoon, Oggy and the Cockroaches, which just happens to be a French production. So instead of making a fancy French dinner, I decided to make a twist on French toast, with a stuffed French toast casserole topped with blueberry sauce for dinner.

I thought we should have something actually French, too, so I made Crème Brûlée for dessert.

It was nice to have an unusual celebration in the middle of an extremely strange summer!