Unexpected in November

I mentioned that Moose was very excited about the five-day weekend he got to have surrounding his birthday. Well, the five-day weekend turned into a six-day weekend, thanks to what I think may be the earliest snow day he’s ever had! And when you add in the meteor we saw streak through the sky last night, it has been quite a birthday long weekend!

In all honestly, I think closing the schools was ridiculous. We got maybe two inches of snow, and yes, it was really cold this morning, and there was some ice, but if they’re closing schools this early in the season, I’m kind of concerned about what’s going to happen come January. I will say that it definitely looks pretty, especially since so many of the trees still have their beautiful (and now snow-covered) fall foliage!

An October Evening in Tower Grove Park

Yesterday evening, Chickadee and I took a walk around Tower Grove Park. It was lovely outside…just the right amount of chilly, and the leaves are starting to turn. There’s nothing I like better than a brisk fall day!

Fall’s Bounty

I love everything about fall (well, except football!). The cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, the anticipation as my favorite holidays approach…but I think my very favorite thing about fall is the food. I unabashedly love all things pumpkin spice. Cereal, desserts, coffee…I will buy and eat/drink it all. Plus my other favorite flavors of fall…apple, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and…Frankenberry? Fall’s many and bounteous foods are something I look forward to with excitement every year!

Chickadee Thursday

These are my favorite days…the ones where we can enjoy the beautiful, cool fall weather on the walk to pick Moose up from school. Chickadee clearly loves them, too…like Anne Shirley, we’re both glad to live in a world with Octobers!