Clouds Fountain

When we travel, I’m always on the lookout for a cool fountain, and this one in Toledo of rain falling from clouds did not disappoint!


I thought this sculpture, designed by José de Rivera, located outside the National Museum of American History was really cool!

A Morning at the Sculpture Park

Chickadee wanted to go to the St. Louis Zoo on her birthday (which is tomorrow), but it’s supposed to rain, so we decided to go today. So how, you may ask, did we end up at Laumeier Sculpture Park instead?

The zoo is still requiring (free) reservations for admittance, and much to my surprise, when I went to request our tickets last night, they were already sold out. So Chickadee decided we should go to the Missouri Botanical Garden instead. But when I went to reserve those tickets through the member portal, I discovered that they’re closed on Mondays. So Ladybug suggested Laumeier Sculpture Park, a place we haven’t visited since pre-COVID, and it was a great idea!

We saw a lot of familiar art:

And we took a path we’d never been down before, and saw some really cool things (and did a lot of climbing…those steps were just as steep as they look!):

It was a beautiful day to be out and about!

Up next…our second March birthday!

The Bean

OK, I confess…I had never seen “The Bean” sculpture in downtown Chicago, either. The children had seen pictures of it, though, and it was on the top of their list, as well as mine, so we tracked it down!



And just in case you wondering what it looks like from underneath:


Chicago has so many cool landmarks…I’m glad I could introduce the children (and myself) to some of them!