Fall at the Library

Ginkgo trees are some of my favorites for their unusual, fan-shaped leaves, but I especially love them in the fall, when they turn bright yellow. The carpet of leaves outside our library is especially beautiful!

A Walk Around Creve Coeur Lake

Last Tuesday was one of my favorite days of the year…the day where we take the walking trail all the way around Creve Coeur Lake! Even though this is about the time we usually go, there were far fewer leaves this time, probably due to the winds we had last week. While I missed the foliage on some of my favorite parts of the walk, I appreciated that we had a whole new perspective this time around!

Fall at Shaw Nature Reserve

We have visited Shaw Nature Reserve before, for their Prairie Days event (I don’t even know if they still host it biennially), but we’ve never really explored the grounds before last week, when Ladybug, Chickadee, and I used our Missouri Botanical Garden membership to take a five mile hike. It is an expansive place, with many beautiful views, especially with the fall foliage on full display!

Now that we’ve seen how beautiful the place is, we’d like to go back in the spring!

Chickadee Thursday

We’ve really been enjoying the beautiful fall weather this week…we’ve walked to Moose’s school every day to pick him up. For some reason, today Chickadee asked to ride in her stroller, which she hasn’t used since last May!


She also had a great time playing in the leaves outside of church before catechesis this afternoon…this is one of the few times I don’t mind blurry pictures, because if you’re playing in leaves and the pictures aren’t blurry, you’re doing it wrong!


Fall is such a fun season anyway, but it’s even better with a little person to enjoy it with!

Chickadee Thursday

I took the children on a nature walk today, so we could work on a leaf study. Chickadee is a big fan of studying (OK, playing in) leaves!


Yes, she was still wearing her jammies. I found them at Target yesterday, and they are too cute to be relegated to bedtime only!