The Top Five–Around the Neighborhood Photos of 2020

For today’s “Top Five,” I’m venturing out of the house…and into our neighborhood. We might not have been able to go places this year, but we spent a lot of time walking around our subdivision, from the 2-mile walks we took in the morning before school started every day the weather was amenable to evening sunset walks. The two ponds in our neighborhood are an especially good spot for a nice view, starting with this one in the early spring:

I really like this tree I started noticing while we were walking, and I think Bob Ross would have liked it, too…it looks like it’s led an interesting life!

I caught the evening light at just the right moment for this photo:

And I’m pretty sure the evening light caught me for this one!

One last sunset photo, near one of the ponds, but looking out toward the farmland that borders the neighborhood:

My only disappointment with this list is that there aren’t any snow pictures…I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for a real snowfall!

Sunrise, Sunset

Recently, I’ve really been enjoying taking sunset photos in our neighborhood, especially since we have a pond that makes the perfect sunset, well, setting, if you will. I also caught a beautiful sunrise in the opposite direction this week…there is so much beauty all around us!

Golden Sunset

Tonight was one of those nights where you glance over at the window, realize the curtains are glowing, and determine that you need to check out the sunset:


I was not disappointed. The northwest sky was a beautiful golden shade, and even with the trees and the houses obstructing the view, it was stunning!

December Sunset

We decided we should probably check out tonight’s sunset when we realized that our whole house was an unusual shade of pink. We were definitely not disappointed!


If that wasn’t enough, there was even beautiful color to the east!


What a pretty end to the day!