2021-22 School Year–Week Thirty

We started this school week with a field trip to the St. Louis Zoo! This is basically a spring tradition (except in 2020, which we don’t talk about), and I really look forward to this particular zoo trip every year!

We were fortunate to get see a fairly young Somali Wild Ass with her mother while we were there…she’s so cute!

While we were in Forest Park, we also stopped to see the tulips on Art Hill, which is one of my favorite spring scenes in St. Louis!

Ladybug learned about trigonometric functions in geometry. She read about the different classes of arthropods in biology. After completing the play last week, we finished our discussion of Henry V…she just has to complete her final paper on the book. In history, she read about Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus, and Tiberius. We discussed the Analects of Confucius in her study of religious texts. She learned about the asteroid belt and the different types of asteroids in astronomy.

Chickadee created line, bar, and pictographs in math. She learned how to diagram interjections in grammar. We read about jellyfish and sea anemones in science. She learned about Texas and Oklahoma in geography. We started reading a book about the White House…we probably won’t get to go on a tour on our trip this summer, but I figure we might see it from the outside, so she should know something about it!

Just nine days left in the 2021-22 School Year!

Tulip Time at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Tulips are my favorite…I was so sad to miss seeing them at the Missouri Botanical Garden last spring when everything shut down. But it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, because I love them even more this year!

More Spring Flowers at the Botanical Garden

We were back at the Missouri Botanical Garden today, where the azalea bushes are in full bloom, and the irises are just starting to open:


The late tulips are making their last stand, and the dogwoods are still in their full glory…and there are many other beautiful flowers, too!

We got to visit the Children’s Garden for the first time this year, and the children had a blast. They’re already planning when we can go back so Moose can join us!

Every day at the Garden is a beautiful day!


Tulip Time in Forest Park

The children and I stopped by Forest Park today, to see the beautiful tulips around Art Hill. It is a truly gorgeous sight to behold!