Even More Spring Flowers at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Maybe it’s just because we didn’t get to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden last spring, but every flower I see this year is like greeting an old friend! Very “Edelweiss,” don’t you think?

Tulip Time at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Tulips are my favorite…I was so sad to miss seeing them at the Missouri Botanical Garden last spring when everything shut down. But it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, because I love them even more this year!

Spring in Forest Park

Yesterday, the Missouri History Museum hosted their monthly homeschool day, and for once, we were able to attend. While we were in Forest Park, we took a walk around and looked at all the beautiful blooms…Forest Park is a lovely place to visit in the spring!

Another Look at Spring in the Japanese Garden

I know I already shared some pictures of our evening stroll through the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden earlier in the week, but it was such a lovely experience, I just had to share a few more!

Springtime Stroll

Last night, the Missouri Botanical Garden offered a somewhat rare opportunity…they had special evening hours to allow the community a chance to see some of their beautiful spring blooms, particularly the cherry blossoms in the Japanese Garden. Outside of special events, we don’t really get a chance to visit the Garden as the sun is going down, so it was a real treat to be there at that time of day, and the flowers were beautiful!

It was nice to see such a big crowd in attendance…I felt like I was getting a good idea of what it might be like for cherry blossom viewing in Japan, or at the very least, in Washington D.C.!