Sartorial Saturday–Disney Casual

This summer, I took a look at a chic Disney dress (and ears!) I wore on our vacation…now I’m taking a look at a more casual Disney look featuring a Disney World spirit jersey. I’m still not entirely clear on what makes a spirit jersey a spirit jersey, but it appears to be as simple as on oversized sweatshirt with writing on the back (in this case “Walt Disney World”). I love the gorgeous blue-purple color of this shirt, plus the fun confetti pattern which makes the Disney Castle appear in the negative space. And there’s even some subtle sparkle mixed in with the bright colors!

Speaking of sparkle, I also have the matching Loungefly mini backpack, which is covered in sequins!

The spirit jersey is also the perfect excuse to wear my Docs:

I love this look, and I also love that it will keep me remembering our vacation through the cold winter months!

Sartorial Saturday–My First Pair of Docs

I just got my first pair of Dr. Martens! I’ve been looking at these boots for months, and when they showed up on clearance at Nordstrom Rack, I couldn’t resist!

I don’t do anything by half-measure, so while I did go with the classic 1460 style, I went all-out with the color…iridescent purple! How gorgeous is it?!? And it shifts in the light, so sometimes they look blue, and sometimes almost green!

I love the detail of the star eyelets:

How am I planning on styling these, you may ask? With my overalls, so I can relive the 90s, apparently, and with my dirndls. And any other way I choose!

I’m really excited to add such an iconic and funky item to my wardrobe!