The Top Five–Star Trek Secondary Characters

When coming up with a list of my favorite secondary characters from the non-Kelvin Star Trek universe, I decided not to choose one from each of the five TV shows…instead, this is a list of my top five true favorites! You can tell Deep Space Nine is my favorite of the Star Treks, because three of the characters on the list are from that show. And, yes, Jeffrey Combs is on this list as two different characters…he’s definitely my favorite Star Trek guest star!

Shran–I love how the longer you watch Enterprise, the more Shran’s story unfolds…he’s definitely more complicated than he appears at first glance. I also love the way he gestures with his antennae, and I especially love how he keeps a running tally of how much Captain Archer owes him!

Q–Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? He’s definitely the universe’s biggest all-powerful troll, and I can’t help but wait and see what he does next. When we played Chrono-Trek, I was really hoping I would have the chance to join the Continuum and win the game!

Weyoun–Appearance number two of Jeffrey Combs on this list is as the Vorta, Weyoun. There’s no doubt he’s a bad guy, but he also has his moments, and he’s impossible to hate, especially when he talks about his background in creative genetics.

Martok–No top five Star Trek list of mine would be complete without a Klingon, and I had to choose Martok, who is not only a Klingon general, but also basically Worf’s adoptive older brother. He has an excellent sense of humor, and is also a fierce warrior…what’s not to love?

Garek–And for my third Deep Space Nine character, I had to choose the Cardassian tailor…the plain, simple, tailor. The more you know about him, the less you know, and every now and again you’re reminded of all of the horrible things he has done. But he’s also a good friend and a patriot, which makes him all the more lovable.

The Top Five–Star Trek Main Characters

This year, we’ve been watching through all of Star Trek (not including the Kelvin Timeline) chronologically. While we’re just now at the point where Deep Space Nine enters the picture, I think it’s time to list my favorite main characters from across the five series of Star Trek we’ll have watched when we’re through. I decided that since there are five shows, it would only be fair to pick one character from each, which helped narrow the list down some, too!

Enterprise: Commander Trip Tucker–I think this was the hardest choice for me. I really like Enterprise, but I’m not sure that I like any one character better than another. If forced to choose, however, I guess Trip is my favorite. You know, as long as I ignore the series finale!

The Original Series: Dr. McCoy–An irascible old gentleman, McCoy really speaks to me. The older he gets, the crankier he gets, and I know how he feels. I also really admire his dry sense of humor!

The Next Generation: Worf–I could choose Worf in not only Next Gen but also Deep Space Nine if I wanted to. He’s an interesting and complex character, and I love seeing how he adapts to serving with humans (and embracing his Klingon-ness) over the years. He may be my favorite character in all of Star Trek. Even though I could choose him twice, I had to leave a space for his wife, so next up is…

Deep Space Nine: Jadzeia Dax–Just Dax isn’t good enough, because I really, really don’t like Ezri. But Jadzeia is one of my favorite characters ever, and my list wouldn’t be complete without her. She’s strong and confident and cheeky, and she can kick anybody’s ass…there’s so much to admire!

Voyager: B’Elanna Torres–Obviously, I really like Klingons, and in some ways, B’Elanna is the mirror-image of Worf. She’s not a full-blooded Klingon like he is, but they deal with many of the same issues, and I like her unique perspective.

Up next…my favorite supporting characters!

2019-20 School Year–Week Eleven

Happy November!

We only had a four-day week this week, but somehow, I don’t feel like we had any time off!

Turkey and Bunny continued their study of the Sacraments in their reading of the Augsburg Confession. In physics, they began learning about Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion. In “The Paradiso” they encountered Thomas Aquinas and King Solomon. They read about both Africa and Japan in history. Their health studies continued to focus on the senses…so far, they’ve read about sight, hearing, and touch/balance.

Ladybug also read about Solomon this week, but her readings were in her overview of the Bible. In math, she worked on decimal to percent conversions and scientific notation. She got to read “The Monkey’s Paw” in writing, which was funny, because Moose also read that story this week at his school! Her history lessons focused on the Sun King, Louis XIV. She started a section on the life sciences in science.

Chickadee also enjoyed learning about Louis XIV this week. She has started memorizing the 10 Commandments for catechesis. In math she practiced carrying into both the tens’ and hundreds’ place. She began a chapter on Earth in science. Her literature study of Tales from Beatrix Potter is almost complete.

I think next week will probably be a short week for us. Moose has a five-day weekend (which coincides with his birthday!), and while we don’t normally follow the public school schedule for our days off, I think it’s time that we had more than a single day’s break!

A Markel Family…Halloween?

As a family, we’ve never been into Halloween. Not once have the children dressed up and gone trick-or-treating, nor have they gone to any Halloween parties. Sure, we visit the pumpkin patch every year, and we listen to the Baby Snooks 1946 Halloween special and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown multiple times every October. But come October 31st each year, we celebrate Reformation Day instead of Halloween.

Kind of. As the years have gone by, we’ve edged a little closer to a traditional Halloween celebration. I think it all started with Legends and Lanterns, which we’ve visited faithfully every year since its inception. While we still don’t go trick-or-treating (and honestly, we only have one, maybe two children who are still of the age for doing so, anyway!), we have carved a pumpkin (an activity that the children thought was fun to try once, but have no desire to do again!). We’ve also started having a special dinner featuring recipes from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. So I thought this year, I’d take a look at how we’ve come to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween breakfast has always featured either Cap’n Crunch’s Halloween Crunch or one of the General Mills Monster Cereals. This year, it was Franken Berry (while we listened to Baby Snooks):

I also found a special treat to go with lunch…pumpkin pie Rice Krispies Treats:

Of course I had the perfect outfit for the occasion:

And a “Little Luther” thrown in, because it is still Reformation Day, after all!

On to our feast for the day. I made one favorite recipe from the cookbook (pumpkin fizz), and tried three new options…”ghoul”-ash (I came up with that version of the name, and I’m rather proud of it!), and glazed carrots for dinner, and chocolate eclairs for dessert. They were all delicious!

We spent the day watching our favorite movies and TV shows that fit the theme…Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Bewitched, The Simpsons, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (we watched Meet Me in St. Louis recently, which is a family favorite, and has a great Halloween scene, so we didn’t watch it again today, although we often do on Halloween).

So that’s our not-really-Halloween, Halloween celebration. It’s still not my favorite holiday, but I really do love the fun ways we’ve found to put our own spin on it, and it’s definitely something I’ve come to look forward to each October!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee was very excited to receive an abridged version of Luther’s Small Catechism at catechesis yesterday, and she was even more excited to pair it with our Little Luther for Reformation Day today!