A Golden Bunny Day

Today is Bunny’s golden birthday!!! We started the day with presents:

I think she likes her new outfit!

We spent the day watching some of her favorite movies. We just got back from a short trip, so she was happy to stay at home and just relax. She picked her favorite dinner of Stromboli and Sunchips, just like she did last year:

She asked me to make a cake that looks like Wrecker’s stuffed friend, Lula, in The Bad Batch. I think it turned out ok, although it should be more red than pink.

Happy Birthday Bunny!

Chickadee Thursday

We actually went somewhere more than 90 minutes from home!

On Tuesday, we visited Cheekwood Estate and Gardens to see the Nature Pop! Lego exhibition by Sean Kenney. We also stopped by the Riverfront Landing so we could get a good view of the Nashville skyline.

It was so nice to get away from home for a few days!

Quote of the Day

Hawkeye is me anytime I try to play a card game more sophisticated than Uno!

“I’m reminded of a story. You’ve probably heard it. The, uh, King and Queen of this country were playing golf with five clubs, when their son, Jack, remarked how strange it was they had only two hearts between them. Just then, Deucey and her little dog, Trey, started singing ‘Four Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ Whereupon the entire family beat her to death and buried her with two spades. Did you get it?…Well, I didn’t. What do I bid?” Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H

An Obsession with Peaches

Summertime is peach season, and I think most people would agree that there’s nothing like a nice, fresh peach.

I mean, who doesn’t love a peach crisp?

Wade, however, takes the love of a peach to a whole new obsessive level.

He even dreams about peaches…but sometimes, even peachy dreams can be scary!

Or was it a dream?

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before, but I planted a peach tree outside his house, and added a peach surprise box, just to make him happy…and, well, surprised. Yes, I’m also dressed like a peach!

I will say that Wade is certainly an easy guy to buy presents for…a simple peach will do the trick!

I love discovering the quirks of my neighbors!

A Rainy Morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden

We stopped at the Missouri Botanical Garden this morning so I could take the latest pictures in my “MoBot Through the Year” photo series of the Ottoman Garden. The whole visit kind of ended up being a comedy of errors, because we discovered the Ottoman Garden is temporarily closed for construction, and even though the weather was supposed to be clear, it started raining on us, and didn’t stop the whole time we were there. The rain did make for some good pictures, though!

The garden is really pretty in the rain…I just wish I had brought an umbrella!

Sartorial Saturday–Skirts and Shorts

Time for a look at another gorgeous plaid dress by Miss Candyfloss!

I’m not going to lie…the Basillia-Sun was not my first dress choice in this style. I had originally planned to order the Virtue-Regina, which is very similar aside from some differences in the décolletage. I really liked the soft colors of the Virtue-Regina, which is also a plaid, but much lighter and broader. That dress sold out in a heartbeat, though, and since I really wanted a dress that buttons all the way down the front, I decided to give the Basillia-Sun a try.

The bold colors are different from those on the Myrtle-Sun dress, but they have the same bright, cheerful, summer feeling!

I kept my accessories fairly simple, with a freshwater pearl necklace and Splendette duchess bangles in some of the colors found on the dress:

The part of this outfit I was most excited about was the fact that you can wear the skirt unbuttoned with shorts underneath. Miss Candyfloss had a pair of matching shorts in a yellow shade, but I wasn’t convinced they would fit me, and they were a little shorter than I prefer, so I went with a different pair. I love the breeziness of having the skirt open and the coverage the shorts provide! It’s the perfect mid-century summer look!

Buttoned or not, it’s a beautiful summer dress!

This is the last item I purchased from the Miss Candyfloss “Dream Away Holiday” collection. This spring was my first real experience shopping with them directly (as well as from of their retailers), and I’ve come to love everything about the brand…the fit, the quality, the styles, and especially these beautiful colors! I’m already looking forward to seeing their autumn/winter lookbook, and hoping to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe!

A Museum Tour

I think this is the final entry in my Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Island Tour” series (unless someone has a suggestion for another tour I could take)!

I know the museum is pretty standard from island to island, but I wanted to share a look at the museum on Gloriana through my eyes, which will hopefully offer a unique perspective, starting with the beautiful entrance:

I am nowhere near collecting all of the art, but I think I’ve done better in this game than I have in any previous Animal Crossing game. It would be nice if I didn’t keep getting forgeries from Crazy Redd and even sometimes my neighbors. I’m sharing photos of some of my favorite spaces in the art galleries, including the “Informative Statue” (Rosetta Stone) that was a gift to me from Roald.

The fossils are by far the easiest collection to complete…I had them all within a few months of playing the game. I really like how the displays are set up, and the spot in the main room that zooms out so you can really see the skeletons is a great detail!

My insectarium is almost complete…I’m only missing a handful of bugs. For the first time in an Animal Crossing game, I managed to catch both a tarantula and a scorpion without asking for help! The butterfly room is gorgeous, and I also like the addition of the laboratory.

My favorite part of the museum is the aquarium. The colors and light are so beautiful, and it all looks so real! I’m also missing a few creatures here…hopefully I’ll add them soon! I have enjoyed many visits to this spot by myself, with my neighbors, and with visitors to my island (so, my daughters).

No trip to the museum would be complete without stopping by to see Blathie. I do miss the days when Celeste and Brewster also both had spaces in the museum, though!

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at Gloriana…if you want to walk around for yourself, my Dream Address is DA-5313-0640-4319.

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee visited my island yesterday…she’s helping me water my purple tulips so they reproduce faster. We decided to go with a fun fruit theme for our wardrobe (inspired by the watermelon hat Roald gave me on the Fourth of July), and I think we’re just adorable!

Now I just have to finish collecting the pieces of the strawberry outfit…I’d like to have more fruit-themed options!