This morning, as Moose has no school on Fridays, and Archiver’s was having a really good sale, we went out and did a little shopping, before the older two had school.  We didn’t get things off to a very good start, because, although Moose usually knows there is no school on Fridays, I guess getting in the car confused him, and when we turned in the “wrong” direction, he had a fit.

By the time we got to Archiver’s he was over it, but his patience was limited, and he began freaking out before I was done shopping.  He wasn’t full on shrieking or anything…what he does when he gets frustrated or angry (since he still doesn’t have the use of words to express it), is scream periodically (short bursts of loud), until the situation is resolved to his satisfaction.  This behavior is not enough to merit leaving where we’re at, as I’m not going to let him dictate everything we do, but it is enough to get some attention.

And that’s what’s frustrating.  I hate the dirty looks, the eyerolls, the head-shaking, and the woman shoving me out of the way (OK, that had nothing to do with Moose, and everthing to do with obnoxious people and prices to good to pass by), that I know is directed at us.  I wish someone would actually have the nerve to *say* something to my face, because then I could let them have it.  “Thanks, my son has been diagnosed with autism.  At the very least, he can’t talk, so this is the only way he has to let me know he’s unhappy.  So you can take your judgemental attitude, your critique of my parenting skills, and your opinion that my son is out of control, and shove them where the sun don’t shine!”

Well, no one has had the nerve to actually confront me, and even if they did, I don’t know that *I’d* have the nerve to say half of that, but I would, just once, like to have the option.  People bug me.

At least I got some good deals!

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