The Fashion Project

I’ve decided, now that we’re going to have a little vacation from school, to undertake a new project. A new scrapbook, to be exact. The unusual thing about this one, though, is that it’s going to be all about me. Or about my clothes, anyway.

To be honest, I don’t make a whole lot of appearances in our scrapbooks in general, partly because I’m often the one taking pictures, and partly because I’m not very photogenic. But, I’ve decided that I’d like to have more of a record of myself, and I also want to keep track of some of my very favorite outfits.

I’ve discovered that, for the first time in my life, I really like my wardrobe. Sure, I have some clothes that I don’t *love* that just serve a purpose, but I also have a lot of clothes that I *really* love. I’ve also recently really delved into the world of accessories, and I’ve found that I love finding the perfect necklace (or scarf, or earrings, or ring, etc.) to go with an outfit. And even though I may not be happy with my weight, or the way I look in pictures, I do still have clothes (and accessories!) that make me feel fabulous when I wear them, and I’d like to document that.

I also recently got a book (Klutz Paper Fashions), that while intended for children, makes me really happy, and I’m going to be using the fruits of that for my scrapbook, too. I would probably tell you that I got the book to have some mindless entertainment in the evenings, to work on something kind of crafty, even though that’s not really my thing, but the truth is, this is as close to be a fashion designer as I’ll ever get. I can’t sew or draw, so using stencils to create fashions is the best I can do, but I’m still really excited about doing it, and I think my creations will be the perfect embellishments for my album.

I even found the perfect scrapbook for this project–it from the Die Cuts With a View All Dressed Up line!

So, I found a way to combine my favorite personal fashions with my love of (if not skill for) fashion design, and do it in a way that also involves one of my favorite hobbies, scrapbooking. I have to say, I’m looking forward to getting started!

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