The Autism Spectrum Quotient

I have seen this “test” popping up everywhere. Facebook, message boards, you name it. Everyone is taking the test to see where they land on the spectrum.

Now, my complaint is not with the test itself. I get that is a diagnostic tool, can be helpful when used in conjunction with a doctor, and can be fairly reliable.

What makes me sick is (and I hate using the following word) neuro-typical adults taking this test to see where they fit on the spectrum.

My son has autism. Very little makes me as angry as seeing anything related to his difficulties turned into a trendy Facebook app in which adults who should be more sensitive and reasonable post their results proving to the world how autistic they are (or aren’t). Autism isn’t a game. It’s not a passing fad that makes for a cute test.

I realize that most people who take this test don’t give a second thought to how it might make parents of children with autism feel. I’m sure most people who take it are just curious as to where they fit in, and don’t know how hurtful it is to us to see our child’s biggest challenge turned into a trend. But it *is* hurtful, and it would be nice if people would stop and think before they post their results, and consider that we may not want to see something that we deal with day in and day out thrown into our faces as another joke app on Facebook or a survey on a message board.

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