Silly Girls

I stumbled across the girls together the other day, and they were being so cute and silly…but of course, they stopped before I could take a picture.

There were sitting on the couch together. Bunny was reading…not out loud, just to herself. And it wasn’t even a book with pictures. But Ladybug was sitting right with her, paying attention as though she was reading the story, too. Meanwhile, Bunny was absent-mindedly twirling Ladybug’s hair…she usually twirls her own hair while reading, but Ladybug was right there, and her hair is longer…it sure was funny to see.

The truly hilarious part, though, was that it was Ladybug’s job to turn the page for Bunny. She can’t read yet, of course, so she kept asking, “Is it time yet?” and waiting anxiously for her chance to help.

They’re so funny together…it makes me wonder what they’ll be like as teenagers!

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