Thanksgiving Crafts

I thought it would be fun to share some of the Thanksgiving crafts we’ve made over the last few years:

Glitter Turkey Stick Puppets

Turkey Coaster

Turkey Hats

Pilgrim Hat Cookies–Fun to make, and delicious!

Oreo Cookie Turkey

Indian Vests

Indian Headdresses

Indian Corn

Silhouettes–Not only a Thanksgiving craft, but fit in well with the time period.

Paper Plate Pilgrim Boy

Paper Plate Pilgrim Girl

Paper Plate Mayflower with Stick Puppet Pilgrims

Hand and Footprint Turkeys–A yearly tradition!

Woven Construction Paper Placements

We’ve done a variety of thankful decorations, as well. We may have to start over next year, because I’m out of ideas!

Thankful Wreath

Thankful Tree

Thankful Trees with Handprint Leaves

Thankful Turkey

Thankful Cornucopia

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Crafts

  1. Thanks! I’m almost out of ideas, so I’m going to have to start the rotation over again in another year or two…but Ladybug hasn’t gotten to make most of the crafts yet, so at least I’ll have a fresh audience! šŸ™‚

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