Third Grade: Week Twenty-Eight Wrap-Up

This was our second-to-last week of third grade. Our main focus was on the Civil War. I found the Children’s Encyclopedia of American History to be a very helpful supplement to our studies, because, to be honest, “Adventures in My Father’s World” really just kind of skims over this event. I like the way the encyclopedia divided the Civil War–first, we looked at the mounting issues that led to the War, then some of the major battles, as well as the “modern technologies” that were used in fighting. We also learned a little bit about Reconstruction, and carpetbaggers and scalawags.

At the end of the week, we started our mini-unit about Queen Elizabeth II and her Diamond Jubilee. I put together some worksheets and crafts, and found a book to read and some documentaries for us to watch. We’ll finish up with those lessons during our last week of school…we’ll even be having tea! It’s a great way to end a great school year!

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