2012-13 School Year–Week One

Week one of the new school year is officially done! Turkey and Bunny began fourth grade, while Ladybug finally got an “official” start to Kindergarten. This week has been mostly review, even for Ladybug, who started doing some K work last January, so the most exciting part of the week was, of course, the first day itself.

One of the activities I planned for Monday was going to the library so the children could get their own library cards. Now, we’re no stranger to the library, as I have a card that we’ve all been using. And, to be honest, they technically still will be using my card, as their cards are linked to mine. But now each child has his or her own library card, and also the added responsibility of keeping track of what books they have out, and when the books are due.

On Monday we also had our first field trip of the year…we went apple picking. It was the perfect day to go–it was warm, but not hot; the public schools are back in session, but hadn’t been back long enough for there to be field trips going on, so the orchard was quiet; and the orchard had a special going of pick a pound, get a pound for free. Almost 12 pounds of apples, and one visit to the goats on the “farm” later, and we were done! Sadly, this was our first field trip without Moose…in the past, I’ve tried really hard to work around his school schedule, so that he could come with us. That’s just not always going to work though, so I’m consoling myself with the fact that he gets to go on field trips of his own without us.

It’s been a huge adjustment for me, trying to figure out how to teach two grades and take care of a baby. I knew it would be difficult; what I didn’t anticipate is just how exhausting it would be! Hopefully, in the weeks to come, as the routine becomes more familiar, I’ll be able to balance schoolwork and housework a little bit better, without feeling totally wrung out at the end of the day!

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