Fifty-Two Weeks

I caught Chickadee as she was waking up from her nap, all sleepy and sweet!


Baby feet are so adorable!


Chickadee is trying to figure out how the toy piano works…right now, she thinks she’s supposed to press that stars instead of the keys. I understand why…the stars light up; the keys don’t do anything interesting at all!


This is the best baby toy we’ve ever had. It was a gift when Turkey was born, and all five children have loved it. It’s especially fun because it has three different modes, starting with one for a tiny baby to lay under, then a sitting mode, and finally, the standing version. It’s an awesome toy, and I will be sad to finally retire it!




I’ve now done a weekly Chickadee post for the last year…I have not missed a single Thursday since she was born. Tomorrow Chickadee turns one!

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