Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck

Today was a special day, because we had all-inclusive tickets to the Cardinals game. We sat on the Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck:


First, we had to get into Busch Stadium, which wasn’t easy…there was an incredibly long line (the longest we’ve ever seen!), because of the Stan Musial statue giveaway:


Stan Statue

We did finally make it into the ballpark, and made our way to our seats. When you first go to the Coca-Cola rooftop deck seats, you’re given a wristband, which gives you access to the food, and allows you to move around the ballpark, and come back without any troubles.


There are bar-style seats, with a table in front of them:



I loved these seats! There was room to walk with Chickadee, room for the children to move around without annoying the other fans around us, and it wasn’t too high up! Plus, you know, the food (hot dogs, nachos, BBQ chicken, beef, and pork, plus cookies and brownies)!


I started with some BBQ pulled pork nachos:


Chickadee loved them, so I had to go back for more food for me! Since she loved the pork so much (even more than the cookies and brownies!!!), I got more of that, plus a hot dog with sauerkraut. Yum!


There was also a dedicated drinks server, which the children loved:


We had a great view from center field:


And a great view of the cameraman:


The back-end of the deck overlooks the Ford Family Plaza:


Fredbird hangs out there during the first three innings, so of course we had to go say “Hi!”


And did I mention how much I love high socks Sundays?


Of course, the best part of the game was that the Cards won!


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