A Tea Party for a Prince

I had promised the children that we’d have a tea party to celebrate the birth of Baby Cambridge (the future King George), but since Ryan was out-of-town last week, we decided to wait until he could join us for our celebration!


I didn’t have as cohesive of a theme as usual…I threw in a little blue (for the baby boy), with the table runner, some Ghirardelli chocolates from Ryan’s trip, and the variety of tea (Bigelow English Teatime, in a lovely blue box), but I didn’t do anything with blue foods.


For the most part, we just enjoyed some of our favorite tea party foods, with a new item thrown in (that was so popular, it will definitely become part of the permanent collection!)…an orange poppy-seed cake!


We had our standard scones:


And cucumber sandwiches:


We had coronation chicken for dinner last night, so we enjoyed finger sandwiches made from the leftovers:


Dried apricots and Cotswold cheese from England:


Thumbprint cookies and shortbread:


And, of course, finger jello:


It was a fun way to celebrate the birth of the future King of England!

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