Reformation Day Ideas

Since we took the week off this week, and I don’t have a school wrap-up, I thought instead I’d share some ideas for Reformation Day, which is coming up fast! This year, we’ve been making our way through the Luther, Servant of God workbook. It’s a very in-depth look at Luther’s life, but a lot more low-key than the month of lapbooks and activities I planned last year! We’ve also been using a few Luther hymns for our copywork/dictation/memory work this month…the last one will be “A Mighty Fortress,” of course!

Reformation resources

A look at our lapbooks (and other projects)

It’s always fun to make a banner, too…while we do have a red banner for special days like Reformation Day and Pentecost, we also have a Luther’s Seal banner that remains up all year:

Luther's Seal

Luther’s Seal

And, a fun German dessert is always a nice way to cap off a special day:

Black Forest Cherry Torte

Apple Strudel

These are just a few of the ideas I’ve used over the last few years…I’d love to hear what other people have come up with!

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