The Puzzle Pieces of History

Another unexpected benefit of the “Cakeway to the West” project is seeing some of the puzzles pieces of St. Louis history fit together.

For example, when I photographed the cake at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis on North Grand, I noticed that a good portion (OK, exactly half), of the cake was dedicated to the St. Louis Browns:

IMG_4503 - Version 2

This made me happy, because I like seeing references to St. Louis’ once-upon-a-time second baseball team. But I was also curious as to why. So, I did a little research after we got home, and realized that there is a perfectly logical explanation for what I saw…the Boys and Girls Club building sits on the property that was once Sportsman’s Park, the home of the Browns (and previously the Cardinals as well, but I digress).

Now, this may have been obvious to other people, who either know the area better, or are more familiar with Sportsman’s Park. But it was a lightbulb moment for me, and it was only one of many. So many names have begun to make sense to me, as I learn the stories behind the people. Other locations have also suddenly made sense to me. For a history nerd like me, this is the perfect crash course in the people and place of this great city!

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