Twin Gingerbread Displays

When we visited the Belleville Gingerbread Walk on Friday night (and again during the day on Saturday), we came across this unusual display…instead of a house, it was a counter set up for baking Christmas cookies. We all thought this was a very unique gingerbread non-house, and also very realistic looking.


When we visited the Gingerbread Village in St. Charles on Sunday, we all did a double-take when we say this gingerbread creation:


You guessed it…they were both created by the same person. I like that they’re not identical replicas, but still so very similar that there’s no missing the fact that they must be related. This is certainly the first time we’ve seen two displays so easily identifiable as being made by the same artist…it makes me wonder how many other times we’ve looked at houses (or not), that were created by the same person!

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