2014-15 School Year–Week Seventeen

This was another busy week of school! We did all of our regular work, but the children were determined to finish it in just four days so they could spend Moose’s Friday day off with him, and when they’re determined, they get it done!

Turkey and Bunny continued to focus on decimals in math (particularly multiplying and dividing), and Ladybug continued to work on multiplication, as well as reviewing money. Even though they’ve all been working on some new tasks, it’s all been mostly easy for them, which is nice.

In writing, Turkey and Bunny continued to work on scientific descriptions, adding to the work they did last week on volcanoes. Ladybug is now working on not only finding words to describe what she remembers from a selected reading, but answering a specific question about it, and writing it down. Her spelling has really improved, which helps this process greatly!

Our history studies this week focused on two very different things. We spent Monday and Tuesday learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. This was kind of a preview for the Black History Month studies we’ll be starting in another week or so. Our ancient history studies, on the other hand, had us learning about the Ottoman Empire and the fall of Constantinople.

We finished learning about trees in science. On Friday, Moose got to go to a local park with us and take a (short) nature walk. We located different kinds of trees, and did some bark rubbings to compare them. We were also able to add a rubbing of a fake playground tree, and compare it to the actual trees, which was kind of weird and fun!

Nothing particularly exciting on the schedule for next week…some weeks just have to be normal!

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