The Riggio Building

The Riggio Building, located on the corner of Shaw and Marconi on The Hill, is another cool old building with terra-cotta details. It was built in 1925 for the Riggio brothers realty business as well as “The Bank.” Joseph and Ignazio Riggio, like most residents of The Hill, were Italian immigrants, although unlike their neighbors who had primarily come from northern Italy, the Riggio brothers were Sicilians. Despite normal contentious relations between the two Italian ethnic groups, the Riggios were a respected and important part of the community.



The Riggio Building has also housed a jewelry store, clothing company, and the well-known J. Viviano and Sons Italian Grocery (which is now located next door),as well as upstairs apartments. Today the first floor is home to both the roasting and retail operations for Shaw’s Coffee.


This building has always been a central location on The Hill, from the time its 500 safe deposit boxes were effectively the main bank for the area’s residents (despite a lack of an official charter), to today, where it is a popular gathering spot for a cup of coffee and conversation. Hopefully it will continue to be an integral part of life on The Hill for years to come!

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