Making the Paschal Candle

I’ve mentioned before that every year on Holy Saturday, we make a new Paschal candle from a candle kit. I thought that this year, I’d show the whole process, from wax sheets to finished product!

The candle began as a wick and several sheets of beeswax. The wax was slowly heated with a hair dryer, and then rolled around the wick. There are enough pieces of wax that all the children were able to have a turn, even Chickadee!

We actually made the candle itself a few weeks ago. but the decorative part of the candle-making process we saved for today, as we do every year. Bunny wrapped the gold cord around the bottom of the candle, Turkey handled the decorative transfers, Moose placed the “nails,” and Ladybug glued the gems on each nail.

After the Great Vigil of Easter, it is always Ryan’s job to bless the candle before we light it for the first time:


I think the finished product is quite lovely:


We leave the Paschal candle on our dining table throughout the season of Easter, and then it’s moved upstairs to the school room, where it resides near our church year banner. It will make a return to the table during the season of Advent, however, when we will anticipate lighting it again after the church service on Christmas Eve!

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