Tasty Tuesday–Fleet Landing, Charleston, SC

We only went out for one meal while we were on vacation in Charleston, and I got to pick the restaurant. After much research, I chose Fleet Landing on the waterfront, and it was the perfect choice!


Located in a former Naval building, the restaurant looks pretty much exactly like you would expect it to:

The interior decor is perfect:

And the outside is gorgeous! We even saw a dolphin family playing in the water while we were there!


We really splurged on this meal. Ryan and I both got drinks…he had the Planter’s Punch, and I had an amazing basil lemonade:

We ordered an appetizer to share…hush puppies stuffed with lobster, shrimp, leeks, and corn, with a Creole tomato sauce. They were fantastic!


Ryan and I each ordered soup. He tried the gumbo, which he said was great, and I had the famous Charleston specialty of she-crab soup. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve eaten, and I loved that it came with a small bottle of sherry to add to the soup. I’d walk back to Charleston to eat that again!

The biscuits, which were served with a honey butter, were also delicious.


On to the entrées. The children ordered either the fried flounder or the fried shrimp, and they all loved their meals. Ryan had the crab cake, and he loved that, too.


I may be biased, but I really think my meal was the best. Yellowfin tuna (cooked rare) with a lemon dill shallot butter, served with greens beans and garlic mashed potatoes. It was amazing…definitely the best seafood I’ve ever had!


Fleet Landing was the perfect place for our midwestern family to enjoy a seafood dinner on the waterfront in Charleston…I just hope that someday, we might have a chance to go back!


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