Royal Dressing

So, you may have heard that today, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surpassed Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. This is a big deal, and as is the case will any special occasion, I wanted to wear a special outfit. I deliberated a bit over my options. Jewelry was easy…my (fake) pearls and a replica of one of The Queen’s most famous brooches, the Williamson Diamond Brooch (although mine is set with Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds!). I considered wearing my Pinup Girl Clothing Amanda dress, as it is in the colors of not only the U.S. Flag, but also the Union Flag, but then I realized I had something even more perfect in my wardrobe for a day celebrating Her Majesty…my pink Jenny castle print skirt!



I also had a moment seeing this outfit today. I’m overweight…that’s obvious. Pictures don’t lie. And so while I have nice clothes, and put together many nice outfits, usually I think to myself, “I would actually look pretty if…” and the end of that sentence has something to do with some amount of weight loss. But today, I looked at myself, and simply thought that I looked pretty. Period. No if, no when, no maybe somewhere down the line.

Now, I know there are people who would say that an overweight person can’t be pretty. Period. A daring few might even say it to my face (although I wouldn’t recommend it!). But they’re wrong. Women can look pretty, be beautiful even, at any weight. I’ve heard it said before, but I think maybe I didn’t truly believe, not about myself anyway, before today.

So, this was a monumental day for The Queen. There is no question about that…we witnessed history being made by Her Majesty. But, in a much smaller way, it was also a monumental day for me!

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