Sartorial Saturday–1940s Style

I think it’s pretty obvious that 1950s fashion is my favorite…the fuller the skirt, the better! But ever since I first saw this Butterfly dress on Pinup Girl Clothing’s website, I have longed to wear it, even though it has a decidedly 1940s vibe. I finally got my chance when I placed my first Zulily order, and managed to get the dress for about 70% off! The dress didn’t come with the belt that was supposed to accompany it, but Zulily made it as right as they could, given that they didn’t have any more of the dress in stock. I have other belts that go with it, anyway, so in the end, I think it was a great purchase! I also have some great accessories to wear with it, including my favorite spring hat, and pastel Duchess bangles and a necklace from Splendette!

Wearing this dress makes me feel like I’ve stepped back into a picture of the Queen Mum during WWII, and I love having something a little different in my closet!

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