Brick by Brick

One of the highlights of our trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago was touring the Lego exhibit, Brick by Brick, that is currently on display there. We weren’t supposed to get to see it…when I was originally looking for things we could do in Chicago, I was sad to discover that it was supposed to be gone long before we got there. Its stay was extended, however, and we were even able to get homeschool tickets at a discount rate!

The first thing that caught my eye upon entering was a huge model of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It’s almost impossible to explain how massive it is!

We recognized many other modern landmarks as we walked through the exhibit:

And found a few ancient structures, as well:

The American Eagle coaster was a nice local touch:

The exhibit got even more local, with a replica of the building we were in!

While the local landmarks were cool, I enjoyed this out-of-this-world model even more!

And we even got a glimpse of home while we were there!

It was interesting to see what Lego bricks were used in the different models:

The exhibit included a Brick by Brick Design Challenge stage…guess who was chosen to go up and build a space ship? For those that didn’t get called on stage, there was also a free build area, where Turkey enjoyed building his own version of Chicago.

Out of everything we saw, I was surprised to find that I liked Cinderella’s Castle the best. I guess the magic of the location combined with Lego bricks really appealed to me!

There was even one piece in the entrance to the museum, which can by admired even without a ticket to the exhibit!

We really enjoyed seeing so many massive Lego builds. There was also a fun scavenger hunt along the way, which the children had fun with, and helped them learn a little bit about the designs and the designer. I’m so glad this was held over and we got a chance to see it!

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