2018-19 School Year-Weeks Five and Six

It’s been a busy two weeks of school, with the fun of orthodontist appointments (Turkey and Bunny) and a case of poison ivy (Ladybug) thrown in just to makes things more interesting…let’s see if I can remember what we’ve been up to!

Turkey and Bunny factored in math. A lot. I think they’re both kind of over it, but at least they remembered how to do it from eighth grade! They learned more about atoms in science, and did another experiment that had an unexpected result and really amused them. They finished their literature study of The Emperor Constantine: A Chronicle, and learned about some of the other early Christian sects besides Arianism in history.

Ladybug learned about different horse movements in science. She reviewed finding area and perimeter in math. In history, she learned about the beginnings of Islam, and also the story of Sinbad.

Chickadee learned how to tell time in math…well, hours and half hours, anyway. She learned some new words in her reading book, too. This week she also had her first spelling test, and got all of the words correct! We finished In Grandma’s Attic, and will be starting the next book, More Stories from Grandma’s Attic, on Monday.

I’m still hoping for a field trip soon, and I have something in mind…as long as the weather next week is as cool as they’re predicting!

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