The Arrival of Blathers!

This has been a very exciting week in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, because Blathers has finally arrived as a character who can visit your campsite or cabin!

I had actually given up on the hope of Blathers coming to the game in this way, ever since they added the “Blathers’ Treasure Trek” mini-game. And I had no idea this was in the works, so I was pleasantly shocked on Monday morning, and very glad I had been hoarding my Leaf Tickets so I could craft his desk right away!

Not only does he talk like he always has in the Animal Crossing Games, you can even occasionally catch him examining fossils at his desk, which I think is a nice detail.

Blathers is my favorite, um, civic worker? animal in the Animal Crossing series…now if they would just add my favorite special holiday animal (the Harvest Festival’s Franklin the turkey), I would have all of my favorites!

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