Stay-at-Home-Summer Survival Kit

Let’s face it…summer 2020 has basically been cancelled. Our trip to Chicago, the first summer event for our family every year, was cancelled. Visiting family…cancelled. Volleyball camp, kantorei kamp, the Royal School of Church Music camp, Higher Things…all different events of varying lengths that various children were looking forward to…all cancelled. The Olympics, while postponed to next year, are cancelled for this summer, and along with them, our planned summer school for 2020. And while some places are beginning to open back up, it is with heavy restrictions, and we’re not going to be venturing forth any time soon I don’t think. So I had to come up with a summer alternative. Fortunately, I had the money I should have spent on our trip to Chicago to splurge on a few things to make the children’s summer a little brighter.

I think I covered all of the major fun activities here. A new Lego set for each child, to be distributed on a day when we are all just done. Some new books to read. A new TV show (Everybody Loves Raymond) to watch through. Some new old time radio (Jack Benny and Fibber McGee and Molly) to listen to. A children’s cookbook to accompany our revamped summer school. Some new games (that we’ve actually had for a while, but never gotten around to playing). Even some treats in the way of Frango mints.

It’s not the summer we were planning. It’s certainly not the summer we wanted. But we’re going to try to make the best of it, and have as much fun as we can!

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