2021-22 School Year–Week Eleven

This week has been rather nondescript. We didn’t go anywhere, we didn’t do much in the way of cooking and baking (there were some culinary adventures, but none related directly to school)…it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect at this point in the school year before the fun of the holidays begins and when spirits are starting to lag because a third of the way through the school year is enough to feel like you need a break, but not so far into the school year that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

Ladybug learned how to calculate the measure of the interior angles of different polygons in geometry. We discussed Hammurabi in history. We moved on to diagramming indirect objects in grammar. We just have a few chapters of Little Women left…we’re looking forward to watching the movie next week!

Chickadee learned how to multiply two-digit numbers by three-digit numbers in math. We added predicate adjectives to her sentence diagrams. She learned about salamanders in science. We started reading about South Africa in geography (but no recipes this week).

I’m looking forward to the start of November!

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