2021-22 School Year–Week Twenty-One

We’re over halfway through February! Since this is always the month of the school year that is the biggest struggle, I consider that a victory!!!

Ladybug worked with 30-60-90 triangles in geometry. She started learning about scientific classification in biology, beginning with bacteria, and learned how to use a biological key. We discussed the Salvation Army in her study of denominations. She read about Ashurbanipal in history. Her astronomy study took her to the moon. We finished Sir Gawain and the Green KnightHenry V is up next!

Chickadee reviewed fractions in math, and learned how to find the greatest common factor of a pair of numbers. We finished the chapter on crustaceans in science, reading about shrimp, horseshoe crabs, and trilobites. We continued our trip through the midwest in geography. She got to read one of my favorite Bible studies…Jonah’s misadventures. We finished Greek mythology, and next week we’ll start reading The Blue Fairy Book.

We also completed a few Olympics crafts this week. We reimagined the medals for the Winter Olympics, starting with the shape, and also made cupcake liner dragons, which are just too adorable!

Ladybug has been working on some oil paintings in her free time…I’m very impressed with her work!

I imagine next week we’ll feel the full impact of the February blahs because we won’t have the Olympics to distract us, but maybe we can arrange a field trip soon!

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