2021-22 School Year–Week Twenty-Two

We finished the last school week in February!

Ladybug learned about Anabaptists in general, and the Baptist church in specific, in her study of denominations. In geometry, she identified axioms, postulates, and theorems…proofs are looming on the horizon! We started reading Henry V. She was all over the place in history, learning about Rome (Tarquin the Elder), Assyria (Assur-uballit), Egypt (Necho II), Greece (Draco and Solon), and Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar). She read about viruses and vaccines in biology, and in my opinion, it’s still too soon.

Chickadee read about kings Hezekiah and Josiah, as well as the prophet Jeremiah, in her overview of the Bible. In math, she learned about improper fractions. We read a few stories from The Blue Fairy Book, including the familiar tales of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. We started learning about mollusks in science. We moved on to the plains states in geography. We also had fun making a tutu for Twosday!

Now to see if March comes in like a lion or a lamb!

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