2021-22 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

After a much needed spring break, we got back to work last week…but first, last Monday, a field trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park!

Now on to the school work. Ladybug learned how to use AAS and ASA to prove triangles congruent in geometry. She learned how the ELCA is different, even though they are also Lutherans, in her study of denominations. In biology she started studying the structure of plants. We began Act III of Henry V. In history, she read about the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars.

Chickadee started adding decimals in math. We read the story of Queen Esther in religion. She reviewed sentence diagramming in grammar. We read some of the stories in The Blue Fairy Book that weren’t covered in the literature guide. In science, she started learning about cephalopods, beginning with cuttlefish and giant squid.

We’ll have another short break around Easter, but the end of the school year is already rapidly approaching!

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