The Automattic Christmas Box

Every year, Ryan gets a Christmas box from work…a gift each Automattic employee gets sometime in December. Usually, I watch him open it, and then promptly forget about it, because it tends to be a bunch of techie stuff that’s nice for him, but doesn’t hold much interest for me. This year, however, there was something for everybody, starting with this logo hat that Chickadee promptly claimed for her own!


There were enough Wapuu socks for the big kids to each have a pair:


And a nice, wool throw…did I mention that I’ve been searching for a new throw to put on the couch in our newly rearranged den/Ryan’s office?


There was some other stuff, including techie stuff, as well. But I was very excited that this year, we all found something in the box that we could use and enjoy!

I’m Married to a “Transponster!”

Anyone remember that Friends episode, “The One with the Embryos?” I have always loved the dialogue in that particular show, especially the part culminating with an explanation of Chandler’s job:

Ross: What is Chandler Bing’s job?

Rachel: Oh! Oh gosh, it has something to do with numbers.

Monica: And processing!

Rachel: Oh, well… and he carries a briefcase!

Ross: Ten seconds. You need this or you lose the game.

Monica: It’s, um, it has something to do with transponding.

Rachel: Oh, oh, oh, he’s a transpons… transponster!

Monica: That’s not even a word!

While I have always appreciated the humor of this exchange, I now really understand it, because I’m married to a transponster. At least that’s the way it feels!

Ryan started working full-time for Automattic two months ago (as a Happiness Engineer), and even though I have tried really hard, I’m still not entirely sure what he does, so to me, he’s a transponster. I know he works from home (which is awesome!), that he helps people with their WordPress blogs (very cool), and that he loves his job (the best part of the whole deal). Other than that, I’m still kind of unclear as to what he actually does.

Damn, one of these days I’m really gonna have to start listening when he talks about his job!