Cakeway to the West–Another Seasonal Retake

I’ve mentioned before that some Stl250 cakes are fun to go back and photograph again with the change in seasons. My favorite cake for this purpose is definitely the one at SLU.

When I first saw it in the spring, it was surrounded by yellow tulips…very pretty and appropriate to the season:


I went back in the fall, and the tulips had been replaced with red flowers, which were, again, very seasonally appropriate, and really brought out the blue in the cake:


Yesterday, I stopped by once more, because I knew there were Christmas lights where the fountains had been. This was also my first evening shot of the cake:


I have really enjoyed this cake journey for so many reasons. The most obvious one is seeing so many places that I’d never been before, but seeing familiar places in new ways as the year rolled by was an added bonus that I didn’t initially consider!

Cakeway the West–A Seasonal Retake

One of my favorite Stl250 cakes is the one at St. Louis University, partly because it’s in such a beautiful setting. Back in April, it was surrounded by beautiful yellow tulips:


I decided to go back and see what it looks like now, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s now in the midst of beautiful fall flowers!


I love seeing how the cakes looks different with the change of seasons!