Bunny Day (Observed)

Since Bunny was at choir camp last week on her actual birthday, we celebrated with her at home today! We started the day by watching one of her favorite movies (The Sandlot) and we also watched a new-to-us movie (Black Panther).

Her presents all ended up. being rather Harry Potter themed…not entirely on purpose, but it was appropriate after our trip to Universal!

We went to Red Robin for dinner…or as Bunny calls it, “Red Pigeon!”

This year’s bunny cake (I’ve been making her a bunny cake every year since at least 2011) was based on a stuffed Bunny she made herself. Her creation is far superior to mine, but I think she was happy with the cake:

Happy 14th birthday (observed) Bunny!

A Belated Bunny Day

Since Ryan was in Scotland and Turkey was at camp on Bunny’s actual birthday, we waited to celebrate her turning thirteen(!!!) until today. I think it was worth the wait for her, though…she received a lot of nice gifts, including some gift cards, a Lego Elves set from her siblings, and a Harry Potter charm bracelet!

I think it’s very convenient that the “Happy Birthday” candles count exactly 13 in number, so that’s what topped her traditional bunny cake.

It might have been a little late, but it was a very nice birthday celebration! Happy (belated) Birthday Bunny!

Hoppy Bunny Day!

It’s hard to believe, but today is Bunny’s 12th birthday! After church, she opened her presents, which included a sewing machine!!! I can’t wait to see what she creates! I made one of her favorite dinners, and then we had the obligatory bunny cake for dessert:


Happy Birthday Bunny!

Hoppy Bunny Day!

Today Bunny turned 11! The whole day was very fun, but there were a few highlights.

Opening presents is always a huge birthday hit:

We also had a birthday trip to the splash park:

And of course, a bunny cake!

In some ways, I can’t believe Bunny is already 11, because time moves so fast. On the other hand, she’s so very tall, and smart and mature, it’s a little hard to believe she’s only 11. But no matter how old she is, I love celebrating another year of life with my Bunny!

Happy Bunny Day!

Today Bunny turned ten. I’m kind of in denial about this fact, but I guess that doesn’t make it any less true!

As she has for the last several years, she chose a bunny cake, but this time had me decorate it to look like the stuffed bunny Turkey got her for Christmas last year (thus the snowflakes on the face, even in July!).

She had a very nice day…her presents included some new Lego sets, a new book series, and a new dress for her first and favorite American Girl doll…it doesn’t get much better than that when you’re a ten-year-old Bunny-girl!

Happy Bunny Day!

Today is Bunny’s birthday! It was a fun day, especially getting to go to VBS this evening, (and hearing everyone sing to her)!

It wouldn’t be a Bunny birthday without a bunny cake!


She was very happy with it, as always:


She was also excited to open her presents:



I was excited to see her open the present from Ryan and me…the complete Wizard of Oz in five volumes:


What a fun way to celebrate my oldest daughter’s ninth birthday!

Happy Bunny Day!

Bunny had a fun time planning her birthday celebration. She wanted to open presents right after breakfast, instead of waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get here, so that’s what we did. Her big brother knows her well…he got her a Bunny!

She wanted to have a birthday tea party, so that’s what we did for lunch.

Yes, we had jelly sandwiches shaped like butterflies, and, of course, bunnies! We also had heart-shaped scones with cream, cucumber-cream cheese sandwiches, and craisins.

And, a bunny birthday cake, decorated according to her specifications. This is at least the third year in a row I’ve made a bunny cake for her…at this rate, I’m going to be a pro!

Happy Birthday, Bunny!